How to enable a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

You would have seen people wearing badges on their Profile Pic on Twitter or Facebook; these badges are generally worn as a support to some cause or ongoing campaign. How to enable a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profileIf you too want to wear a badge on your profile picture, here is an online service to do that. PicBadges is the service using which you can instantly enable or wear a badge supporting a cause or campaign on your Twitter or Facebook profile.

All you need to do is, go to the PicBadges website, select a badge, and later allow PicBadges to access your account, and within no time the badge will be enabled on your profile picture.

There are several categories of badges available on PicBadges, like,    Environment,  Health, Causes, Status, Brands, Sports, World, Music,  Animals, Beliefs, Funny, People, and Entertainment. If somehow you don’t find a suitable badge for yourself, you can even create one for you.

Wear a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

Creating a badge too is a simple process, doesn’t need much pro abilities, all you need is that creativity in you.

So, go ahead, and wear a badge today on your Twitter or Facebook profile pic, or may be create one for you.

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