How To Enable Never Combine Taskbar buttons with Labels in Windows

Windows always combines multiple instances of the same program into one on the Taskbar. So if you have multiple File Explorer open, you would not have multiple File Explorer icons next to each other, but all grouped. While it’s useful, many don’t like it, and thanks to the suggestions, you can now enable never combine taskbar buttons with labels in Windows to achieve it.

Enable Never Combine Taskbar Buttons With Labels in Windows

What is Combined Taskbar Mode in Windows 11?

Windows 11 now comes with the Combined Mode, and when enabled, you can see each Window of your apps on the taskbar separately. Usually, Windows will merge Taskbar buttons; however, enabling this new feature will give you a complete app overview.

This feature works best when multiple windows are open for the same application. So you can easily switch between the app windows. Furthermore, when configuring the Combined Mode, you get three modes:

  • Always: The Always mode offers you the default view of the taskbar that only displays the app’s logo. It is the usual view that you are already familiar with.
  • When taskbar is full: This option will combine taskbar buttons when the Taskbar is full. Depending on the available taskbar space, it will randomly switch between Always and Never modes.
  • Never: By selecting the Never option, you can get a separate view of the app labels in your taskbar.

How To Enable Never Combine Taskbar Buttons with Labels in Windows?

Follow these steps to uncombine Taskbar buttons, and these settings apply on the user account level. So, if you change it on the PC, the other user will not be affected.

  • First, press Windows Key + I to launch Settings.
  • Go to Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar Behaviors.
  • Over here, look for Combine taskbar buttons and hide labels options.
  • Next, use the dropdown menu to select Never, which will display individual Labels.

enable combine taskbar buttons and hide labels

  • Alternatively, you can also select When taskbar is full.

never combined view


The combined mode in Windows 11 can be beneficial if you often work with the same application with multiple windows. But it also messes up the overall taskbar view, which many users wouldn’t like. So it’s best to try the feature and see if you like it.


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