How to Enable Or Disable Text Predictions While Typing in Word

Microsoft Office Word is the most widely used Word processing software out there and comes with a diverse range of features that make the whole experience of creating word-based documents a breeze. One such feature is the Text predictions feature, available on all the latest versions of MS Word, Office 365 and Office Web. This feature can make your job easy or make it utterly tricky as well. This article will teach us how to enable or disable text predictions while typing in Word.

Enable Or Disable Text Predictions While Typing in Word

What Is Text Prediction In MS Word, and What Is It Used For?

Text Prediction is a feature in Microsoft Word that helps you type quickly and quickly. The feature utilizes the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to predict the user’s typing behavior and suggest words based on the typing behavior and initial letters of the word being typed. To enter the word suggested by Text Prediciton in MS Word, the user may press the right arrow or tab key on the keyboard.

The feature can be handy when typing non-complex content like emails or simple essays; when the user is typing in a foreign language, they must be fluent. Many users have also reported issues with the feature interrupting their natural workflow.

You can turn the text prediction on or off in Word. Let’s proceed with learning how to do that.

How to Enable Or Disable Text Predictions While Typing in Word

Enabling or disabling text prediction while typing in Word is a straightforward process and can be done in two ways, they are:

  1. Using the Status Bar
  2. Using Advanced Settings

Let’s now proceed with learning about both of these methods in detail.

1] Using Status Bar

The status bar in MS Word is where you can find things like the word count, magnification options, page number, and other essential details. You can customize the details shown there. One can also enable or disable the text predictions feature using the status bar in MS Word. Here’s how to do it.

  • Right-click the status bar in Word (the part where you will see a “Text Prediction: on” prompt) at the bottom-left.
  • This will open a context menu. From the context menu, uncheck the Text prediction option by clicking on it.

Uncheck Text predictions Word

  • This will turn off the Text Prediction feature in MS Word.

Many users have reported that this method did not work to disable the Text Prediction feature in MS Word. You can also try the following method if you are one of them.

2] Using Advanced Settings

Using the advanced settings in MS Word, you can enable or disable various settings, including the Text prediction setting. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the File Menu from the top bar.
  • From the left pane of the file menu, open Options.
  • In the options, go to the Advanced tab.advanced options in ms word settings
  • In the Advanced settings, deselect the Show text predictions while typing option and click OK.disable text predictions in ms word

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This article taught us how to enable or disable text predictions while typing in MS Word. MS Word is one of the most easy to use and feature-packed word processing, creating, and editing softwares. Some features can fail to resonate with some users, and you always have an option to enable or disable them.


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