How to enhance your Vocabulary [ Online Tool ]

Probably every individual wants to have a rich vocabulary, there are certain traditional methods to do this, like, pen down every new word you come cross and look the dictionary and thesaurus in order to learn everything about that word, reading more and more of newspapers and magazines etc.

How about having an online service to enhance your vocabulary? Quizlet is a service which helps to enhance your vocabulary, online, moreover it’s fun to learn with Quizlet. You need to have a username and password to use this service, sign-up process is simple and takes less than a minute.

As soon as you login to Quizlet, You can Create a Set for you where you can enter your words and definitions. You need to enter the word in the “Term” field click on the question mark button adjacent to the Term field, to get the definitions for that particular word, you will normally get more than one definitions for each word, choose the one which suits you best.

As soon as you create a set, you will be re-directed to a page, where you can get three study modes, namely

  • Familiarize – Basic flashcards, to make the words memorize easily.
  • Learn – Test and learn, it tests you and corrects you, and re-tests the words where you were wrong.
  • Test – Final test which, allows you to check your result as well, by grading you and telling you about your performance. You can define the type of questions you want in the test, like multiple choice, written, true-false, etc.

You can also share your sets with friends, which allows others to learn and test the words, in the set created by you. You can also browse through several sets created by other Quizlet Users.

Apart from these features there are several other features of this service, which need to be explored. I am still in process to learn more about it. Well, so when are you going to start enhancing your vocabulary?

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