How to export Delicious bookmarks

Yahoo has decided to shut down one of the most popular bookmarking service, Delicious and its time you should backup all the tags and links bookmarked in your account. Delicious comes along with an export tool which lets you either completely export or export based on tags you have.

Login to your delicious account. Go to Settings > Bookmarks and look for Export Feature. However any tag bundle ( group of  tags under one name ) you might have created will not be exported.

Where to import delicious bookmarks ?

Delicious exported bookmarks are in standard formats which means any application which allows you to import bookmarks or links can use this. For example to start with you can import in your browsers favorite. You can also use XMarks which is a popular service for synchronizing bookmarks across computer. So this way you can have all your delicious bookmarks available across all your computer.


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