How to extract images from DOCX file

Docx is the popular extension of Word File which was introduced in Office 2007. As a smaller introduction, DOCX are XML based files and are similar to archives e.g. zip files.

To copy images from a DOCX file is a bit of pain but like we know that DOCX are also archives, you can always extract them. Follow the steps below :

Docx Format

  • Make a copy of your docx file. In case its not DOCX, save the file as DOCX.
  • Now rename the type from .docx to .zip. It’s recommended as Windows has native support for it.
  • Right Click and extract where you want.
  • Now open the folder where you have unzipped and navigate to ..FILE-NAME-XXXwordmedia
  • You will find all the images available in this folder.

The only flaw with this is that you will have images named as image1, image 2 etc which you will have to rename depending where you will use them. Thanks Abhik


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