How to Extract Images from DOCX and PDF File?

Are you having a hassle with thinking about extracting images from DOCX and PDF files? As a writer and web developer, I come across many projects daily. I send posts for publishing, so creating ZIP files for images is troublesome. Besides, even clients send me the web development requirements in PDF, and using images from them is where I need to extract them. You might be in a similar problem, and I have suggested the best methods to fetch pictures without a hassle. This post will share how to extract images from DOCX and PDF files.

How to Extract Images from DOCX and PDF File

How to Extract Images from DOCX and PDF Files?

Extracting Images from DOCX and PPT files is an easy process. The most incredible part is that the methods are the same for Word and PPT files; hence it won’t confuse you. Besides, it saves all your images at once with the same image extension with which it was inserted in the file.

  1. Extract All Images from DOCX
  2. Save Individual Images from DOCX
  3. Extract Images from a PDF File

Note: DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX follow the same format. The method to extract the image from DOCX also applies to PPTX and XLSX.

1] Extract All Images from DOCX

Docx is the widespread extension of Word File, which was introduced in Office 2007. DOCX are XML-based files similar to archives, e.g., zip files.

To copy images from a DOCX file is a bit of a pain, but as we know that DOCX is also an archive file, you can always extract them. Follow the steps below :

Rename DOCX file to ZIP

  • Make a copy of your docx file. In case it’s not DOCX, save the file as DOCX.
  • Now rename the type from .docx to .zip. It’s recommended, as Windows has native support for it.
  • Right-click and extract where you want.
  • Now open the folder where you have unzipped and navigate to FILE-NAME > word> media.
  • You will find all the images available in this folder.

The only flaw with this is that you will have images named image 1, image 2, etc., which you will have to rename as per the context in the Word document.

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2] Save Individual Images from DOCX

  • Go to Microsoft Word/PowerPoint and navigate to the image you want to extract
  • Right-click on the image and select the Save As Picture optionSave Image Option in Microsoft Word
  • Now, select the location and file format in which you want to saveSet Location Save Image DOCX
  • Go to the preferred file location and your image you will find the extracted image there. You should save the file either in PNG or JPEG format. Further, you can save all the images the same way or create a dedicated folder!Individually save images from Word Document

3] Extract Images from a PDF File

PDFs are read-only files; you cannot accurately edit them or save their images simultaneously. You have to single extract each of the photos. You need a DOCX app or an image editor besides a PDF reader. You can open the PDF in any file opener app; we have used the in-built Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open the PDF document and hover over the image which you want to extract
  • Hover over to the selected image, and click on the picture which darkens it, indicating that you have selected it.Select Image in PDF to Save
  • Right-click on the image and click on the two-square icon to copy the image.Click on Copy Icon to Copy Selected Image in PDF

Done this; you have a couple of options to save the image. You can use an image editor to save the file or save them into a Word file and then extract them in one shot.

Similarly, you can save as many images as you want. Later, extract them the way you did in the previous section. You can convert PDFs into DOCX files and pictures, but DOCX conversion isn’t that reliable.

The Conclusion

You would have gotten your answer if you searched for how to extract Images from DOCX and PDF files. You can save your images individually in a specific location or create a new folder to save them. Besides, to save from PDF, you can click, follow some steps, copy, and paste it into a DOCX editor. Further, extract images from DOCX to save them!



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