How to automatically extract multiple archive files quickly

Many a times, you might want to unzip multiple zip / rar or archive files in one shot and that into their individual folders. Below I am listing list of software that will help you get this job done. Should Work in most Windows version.

Extract Now :

Extract now is an ultimate tool which is just made for extraction of multiple archives, which can also, keep watch on specified folders and extract it instantly based on rules or settings you choose.

Features :

  • You can either extract all of them into one folder or individual folder name.
  • Add archive folder structure or containing folder name.
  • You can decide what to do after extraction is complete i.e. Delete, Move to Recycle Bin, Copy to Specific Directory etc.
  • You can add it to context menu and enable file association for archive files you often mass extract. So if, you are only mass extracting tar files and not zip files, you have complete control over it.
  • Supports Drag and Drop.
  • You can even extract archive files which are password protected. In case, the password is different for every archive, you can provide a list of password from a text file.
  • Filter certain extensions such as .DB or .desktop etc.
  • It also supports recursive archives.

All this makes this program a heavy weight in extracting huge number of  archive files.  You can download it from here. However, if you are not heavily using extraction, on a daily basis,  I would suggest using the below two options which will be  more than enough for you.

Winrar :

Just Select any number of archive files and right click. Then look in the context menu which says ” Extract Each Archive to separate folders“. Clicking on which you would get each of them neatly extracted in the same folder name as the archive name.

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Universal Extractor :

Similar to Winrar, Universal Extractor also lets you extract individual files to folders with the same name. In the context menu look out for UniExtract to SubDir, this will extract all of them into individual folders.


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