How to Find All Unread Emails in Gmail

Many emails are in your inboxes, including newsletters, social media, and cold emails. Not all are categorized; you might miss reading important emails like offers, applicators, etc. In such a scenario, you would prefer to view the unread messages as a priority, but your inbox is no less than a local bus. Thus, you would be searching for how to find all unread emails in Gmail, and I’ve covered you all with it!

How to Find All Unread Emails in Gmail

There are two methods of viewing only unread emails. The first method uses the Settings method, while the latter emphasizes using the specific command.

  1. View All Unread Emails using Settings
  2. Use the Unread Command
  3. Narrow Down your Search using the Unread Commands

So, let’s dive in and search for unread emails in Gmail.

1] View All Unread Emails using Settings

You can customize email display orders in your Gmail settings.

  • Open Gmail and click the gear-shaped icon to the top-right to open Settings.
  • The Quick Settings menu appears; click the See All Settings button.Tap on See All Settings
  • In Settings, expand the Inbox tab.Expand Inbox
  • Click the drop-down list next to Inbox type and choose Unread first.Choose Unread from Drop Down List

Now you can go back to your Inbox, and it will show only unread emails in Gmail. After this, you will see miscellaneous read emails in your Inbox.You can see all Unread Messages

2] Use the Unread Command

You would want to see only unread emails, not those you have already viewed. In such a scenario, you can use the is:unread command.

  • Open Gmail and click the search bar
  • Type the command is:unread and press the Enter key.

Enter the Command to Open Unread Mails

  • Now, you will see a list of all the unread emails and thus a clutter-free interface. 

3] Narrow Down your Search using the Unread Commands

If your inbox has hundreds of unread emails, it will be trickier to find specific unread ones. With the Search command, you can filter out the emails and see unread messages in Gmail.

  • Type the command is:unread[Space][Topic/content of the email you’re looking for] and press the Enter key to view the email.

Type Command to view Emails

  • Another helpful command you can use is:from, and the following is:from[Space][email sender]. Next, press the Enter key.

Type command isfrom to check Mails

Here email sender refers to the email ID of the person/organization who has sent the mail.


Multiple known and unknown people have your email addresses, so they use them for various purposes. You would read them all, but with greater incoming mails, important unread ones are mixed with read ones. Thus, you might miss out on the mails which are your priority. Hence, you would be searching for how to find all unread emails in Gmail, and I have answered you with it.

You should enable the feature from Gmail Settings or use the is:unread command to exclude the ones which are read.

How Do I Select All Unread Emails in Gmail?

Once you have filtered all emails using the is:unread command, click on the checkbox at the top of the list, and it will select all the emails you are yet to read. Done that; you can not choose to delete the unread emails or mark them as read. It is handy when there is too much clutter and you want to remove them.

How Do I Select 1000 Emails in Gmail?

You can select 1000 or 500 unread emails or any number. The first step is to filter based on the unread criteria and then click the checkbox. When you do that, Gmail will prompt you if you want to select the rest of the emails that fit the same criteria. So if you have emails from the bank that are of no use, then filter, click the checkbox, and you will see the option to select the emails.

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