How to find all unread mails in gmail

If you get huge amount of mail in Gmail Inbox and some of them you forget to read or want to read later but you cant as those unread mails get buried behind the scenes when new mail comes. I found a small trick which can make your life a lot easy by listing out only the unread emails. Moreover I found one more way which avoids listing chat entries when you look for mails.These Gmail tips will give an edge on saving time when you need to be extra quick.

List unread mails with is:unread command

In Gmail , a search box is available which is used to search almost everything in your inbox. Now for extracting only unread mails, type is:unread and you will be able to see all your unread mails listed there. Check out the image for an example


Filter chat from read mails

Chats can be pushed to archive but when you start checking your archived mails, you see all the chat history appearing there. Now if you want to filter out chat from all read mails. Type is:read -label:Chat. This will filter out all your chats.



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