How to check / find and remove Conficker Worm

There is lot of buzz going around for Conficker worm aka Downadup which targets the Microsoft Windows operating system and results in  remote code execution when file sharing is enabled.. So the program first infects your computer and then can execute any other program which can result in data theft  or anything else.

Moreover this worm can find other network computer  from infected computer and if they lack security patches and updates can spread in the whole network.  An important feature of this virus is that it keeps a backdoor ready for any new version of worm that gets released. So chances are even if the worm is removed but backdoor is open a new version can get downloaded on your computer. This is what makes situation pretty dangerous.The Attackers could use this backdoor  to run any program on all the machines that are infected with the latest version of the worm.

This is more then a year old worm but it seems a new version is on the way which will get new instructions on April 1st to block hundreds of sites and will not allow you to get updates or security patches.  You might not see anything happening on this day but later on the effects will start rolling out i.e

F-Secure has list of questions on Conficker worm answered for all of us and we would strongly suggest all of you to read it.

Conficker Removal Tools :

These tools will check traces of  Conficker worm and remove if found. As I said this worm will be blocking many sites this will definitely include anitvirus sites or windows update sites. So if you are not able to access them its time you run to one of your friends house and  get these tools on USB and run to check. You can also disable all connected network  and run the scan one by one  on all the machines.

Remember its always good to stay updated with latest windows patches and use a good anitivirus agent. You might be ignoring and this will get you into trouble.  So turn all updates and antivirus checks now and get these tools to safe guard your pc, yopur data and help your friends too.


  1. Google got me to the right place and also helped me solve more problems. This is the first time I visited this website in need of a small tip for listing files in a directory. I got the solution. In addition to that I also got information about Conficker.

    Thanks for your information guys. Good work.


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