How to Filter Google Plus users who are Not Yet in your Circle

As Google Plus is getting rolled to thousands of users, A Circle Fatigue is eminent. I have around 1K users who have added me and Its becoming difficult for me to add them to a right circle and the only option is to put them in a common group and then move them into a proper circle when I get to know them.

The problem is I was not able to find users who have added me but I have not added them to any of my circles. However I noticed an excellent feature called as “Not Yet in your Circles” which filter users who are not in any of your circle and since you can select multiple users, it becomes easy to add all of them into a group to solve this issue. However it comes with bug which I have talked about later.

Google Plus Not yet in Circles

Lets see How to use this “Not Yet in your Circles” Feature.

  • Go to Circles in your Google Plus Account.
  • Switch to People who have added you.
  • Then click next to the text which says “Sort By”. By default it will be Relevance.
  • When you click you should get an option which says “Not Yet Circles”
  • This will sort users and will display users whom you have not added in any of your circle. I am not sure what is the logic used here though.
  • Now at one moment I thought “Awesome Feature” because all I need to is select all and add them to a group. But there is a bug.

The Bug :

But then when I Selected all and moved down, I saw some of the circles getting highlighted. This is a nice feature in Google Plus if you had noticed that when you select a person the Circle in which he or she is gets blue.  This means this was not the real filter it was only sorting and some users who were already added to my circle are available at the end. This makes the whole thing confusing though some can argue that its only sort.

Here is a video demo :

Summary :

The best way to use this feature will be to move users in bunch of 20 or bit more and since you will know most of the users whom you have added here, it would be easy to figure it out.

Now what happens is, that when you move to people to a group using this sort, they get pushed down and not removed here so you will reach a certain point which will say that users are already in that group. This point you should know that most of the users are not in a group.

Also sometimes I have got error which says “Error Changing Circle Membership”,  which happened when I tried adding like 700+ people into one group. This is either a bug or some kind of limitation on how many people you can have in a Circle though the error message doesn’t make sense.

Question to you. How are you sorting users whom you have not added to any of your circle.

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  1. “Error Changing Circle Membership”

    I have tried flushing my cache, using a different browser and moving existing contacts from one circle to another circle. None of this removes the error. If this whole thing is about networking how come there is a limitation? If they are worried about spam and this is intentional why not build something into the software that watches for the number of complaints registered to a user instead of limiting the size of a network?


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