How to find last login time in Yahoo Messenger

In case you are suspicious that somebody had used your account while you where away, here is a small trick to find out your last login time on yahoo messenger.

  • Type regedit in you run dialog box.
  • And Look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\pager\profiles\
  • Under this look for your profile name which in case of mine is dreamz_stupid.
  • Under your profile look for a string which says LastLoginTime.
  • The value of this format is Year,Month,Date,Hours,Minutes.

That’s it Now you can find if somebody did login using your id on that computer. However you will not know this if somebody logs in on a different computer. ;)


  1. hey i am not getting how to find when last login into my yahoo account..coz i have doubt that somebody is accessing my account i want to confirm . please help me..please send me detailed info to do so…

  2. well the only problem with this is it only shows the last time you logged in on your computer it doesn’t show if somebody accessed your account from a different location


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