How to find number of posts by an Author per Year in WordPress

If you have a multiple author blog using WordPress it is important to find out how many posts your authors are writing and whats the frequency every month.  WordPress Post List does not have this feature except you can sort it by Month in particular year. However looking at the parameters I was able to find a neat trick which you can use to find the number of posts by an author in a particular year.

Post Filter in WordPress

First Switch to Published Post so it drops all drafts and trash posts from the count. The url will look like

  • /edit.php?post_status=publish&post_type=post

Now select a month say February 2010, The url will now look like :

  • /edit.php?s&post_status=publish&post_type=post&mode=list&action=-1&m=201002&cat=0&action2=-1

Now if you click on any of the author name in the post list, you will see :

  • /edit.php?post_type=post&author=1

where 1 is the user id of the Author.

Now lets combine two parameters :

  • /edit.php?s&post_status=publish&post_type=post&mode=list&action=-1&m=201002&cat=0&action2=-1&author=1

This will give you all posts written by Author 1 in year 2010 for the month of February.The last two digit of m=201002 represents the month so it will be 01 for January and so on.

Remove the last two digit, so the query looks like :

  • /edit.php?post_type=post&post_status=publish&author=1&m=2010

Hit enter and you will see all the posts written by Author 1 in the year 2010.

I really wish the filtering system adds all these features in WordPress soon which will of great importance when it comes to analysing past performance.

Thanks Manav, who triggered this idea asking how many posts he made since last 2 years.

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