How to find recent conversations of an offline contact quickly [ In Gmail ]

Abhijeet came out with a neat trick which allows you to track down all the recent conversation with any contact ( I prefer it for offline more ) in Gmail. The only thing you need to keep  on is Chat which is embedded in Gmail.

Just hover over any Contact and You will see the rectangular box . Click the more tab and you will see the recent conversation link. Click on this will result in display of all the chat ( if enabled to store ) and emails. But wait what if the contact is offline ?

Gmail Trick To View Contact Conversations
Gmail Trick To View Contact Conversations

Now the catch is if the contact is offline you will have to scroll down and sometimes its too long to be scrolled either. So what would you do. Its the same thing but now you use the Search Box and it lists all the users based on the input. Now if you hover on any of the listed you will be able to do it

This will be pretty useful in case you have talked to the person after a long time or you just want to find out what and when was the last email done with him.


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