How to find stats of any post in WordPress Stats ?

WordPress StatsWordPress Stats is one of the best stats for getting an overview of your blog traffic but the stats display both for individual day or overview only displays top posts and there is a limit to number of top posts. So the question is how do you find stats for any post of your site using WordPress Stats which might have less traffic but you still want to know the number.

Here are the steps :

Individual Post Stats URL : 

Now this is a standard url of any post stats. Check the part of the url which is bold, post=15. Here 15 is the ID of your post and XXXXX is ur blog I’d.

Find the id of your post :

Every post stored in your blog has a unique numberical id. This id can easily taken by hovering over any Post Edit link.

Get the Stats

Now grab this id and replace with id in the above url and hit enter. This will display you the stats for that Post you are looking for. You can use it for pages also. Any idea how you can do it for TAGS ?



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