How to find the Web Hosting of any Site or Blog

Recently Our Website had issues with some websites who were copying content without any permission. In this case the best bet is to complain to the host of  their website i.e. Companies which provide server space to run any website. But How do you do that because it is not mentioned in their website and hence I searched for tools which can help me in doing that.

Below are such tools which you can use to find web hosting of any website by just using the URL of the site. However I would suggest to use combination of these to get a final answer for cross verification in case these tools encounter a bug.

WhoIsHostingThis :

Type in your browser and the website name at the end of this without HTTP or WWW so at the end it looks like where is the website for which you need to find the hosting.  You will get the following details :

  • Hosting Company Name and link to their website.
  • IP Address where the site is hosted.
  • Name Servers for the website.

Who is Hosting This Website

Who Is Domain Tools :

This tools gives you complete in and out of the website not just hosting. You can find the following information of any website :

  • Registrar History
  • IP Changes.
  • How Many Websites are hosted on the same IP
  • Server
  • Location by IP etc.

Who Is Domain Tools

Try it

Who Is Hosting on Google Maps :

This tools is similar to all the tools here except that it gives you location of the server pin pointed on Google Maps. Try it.

Who Is hosting on Google Maps

What is that site running ?

This means what is the operating system details of the website. So apart from telling you the host of the website it also tells the operating system along with the change it went through on that host including dates. The NetBlock Owner section tells you the host detail which is linked to it directly. Try It

What is Running that Site

Who Hosts :

Keep it Simple. This site just takes the URL of any website and returns the link of the hosting company and nothing else. However this tool is bit dicy because I see when it is unable to find the host name, it just reflects the same website name. Try it

Who Hosts

AjaxDNS :

This is ajax based Hosting Finder which brings lot more information than just hosting name. You can see the WHO IS Details which includes Transfer Status, Client Update, Creation Date, Expiration Date, Last Update and contact info of the registered owner. Try it

Ajax Who Is Search


Domain Name Register search :

This tool is similar to AjaxDNS where mouse hovering over Owner Details give you all details but there are other tools which can be useful to find what your completion is upto. For example you can find Tfaffic Info, Use SEO Tools with resepect to search engines like Yahoo and Google, gather speed report etc. Try it

Domain Name Register search



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