How To Identify Music Playing Around You?

Finding a song stuck in your mind and not knowing the song’s name could be a significant hassle. The technology has got your back. When can you only hum and do not know the song’s lyrics? What to do to find the song?

There are several mobiles and web apps to find songs around you. If you aren’t able to recall any song, there’s no need to worry. It’s as simple as humming the tune. Advanced technology can find the song in just a few moments.

Find Songs By Singing Or Humming

How To Identify Music Playing Around You?

These are the many ways you can utilize to identify music that is playing around you. Use voice assistants as well as music recognition apps and online websites to identify songs. You can also discover songs by singing or humming portions of the song.

Online Song Identifier

  1. AHA Music
  2. Midomi

Songs Recognition Voice Assistants

  1. Alexa
  2. Siri
  3. Cortana
  4. Google Assistant, etc.

Song Recognition Apps

So let’s start to identify the best music recognition apps. Here, we will show you the top websites and apps that allow you to recognize songs by singing. Google will then try to locate music that it believes corresponds to the song you were just humming.


Soundhound identify Songs

SoundHound is another excellent song identification app. With SoundHound, you can even hum tunes to locate songs. The app performs very well, even if you’re singing along to a particular part of the song you’d like to identify.

It can be extremely useful when you aren’t able to remember the song’s lyrics, or it’s just a tune you know the melody to. Just launch SoundHound and sing the tune. Beyond that, SoundHound is as fast as Shazam is finding songs and is a fantastic app to detect music.

Furthermore, the app lets you listen to music from multiple streaming services, including YouTube, Spotify, and other services. It also has lyrics that allow you to sing to. In addition, it will keep all the songs you discover within a neat and clean interface.

Although the app is free for the majority of the time, however, if you don’t wish to see ads, you can opt to subscribe to an expensive version.

Developer: SoundHound Inc.

Available for: Android and iOS

Price: Free

2] Musixmatch Lyrics

Musixmatch Song Lyrics

Musixmatch Lyrics is an app that will pick up any song playing around you. The app can detect the music you’re humming or singing. The app can identify the music playing in your vicinity that has in-line lyrics. The app is not only an audio recognition app; however, it is also an audio player with lyrics support. If you’d like to utilize the app to recognize songs, you need to click on the “Identify” menu at the lower bar and click on the Musixmatch button.

Musixmatch Lyrics will then try to identify the music playing and find songs that match an audio fingerprint. The music recognition feature within Musixmatch comes from ACRCloud and performs reasonably well. It’s distinctive is that Musixmatch attempts to sync lyrics and music in real-time, which happens quite often.

Apart from that, it also allows the translation of lyrics for music into various languages, both regional and global.

Musixmatch is a feature-rich app available on Android, iOS, and even Windows. There are other extra features like real-time lyrics and even translations.

Developer: Musixmatch

Available for: Android and iOS

Price: Free 

3] Shazam

Shazam Find Song by Humming

Suppose you’re looking to find an app to recognize music without a lot of unsuccessful attempts. It is even Siri utilizes the Shazam database to identify songs. The app has been there for quite a long time and is quite precise, speedy, and operates on various devices, including smartwatches. Shazam is a great app; using it, you can quickly identify music around you, find a song and even obtain lyrics that allow you to sing along with it.

Shazam will also work while you’re offline. It will take audio recordings and, when online; the app will display the information about the song.

With Shazam, it is possible to identify songs that are playing on your phone. Shazam is known as “Pop Up Shazam”, and it works with any app. This app is helpful when surfing Instagram, where you can find many fantastic background songs and music. If you’re on an unpowered device, you can use Shazam Lite, which is pretty light and has the same algorithm for music recognition.

It is possible to identify songs even from a distance. The app can also be running in the background so that you can identify music from other apps.

Developer: Apple, Inc.

Available for: Android and iOS

Price: Free

4] Genius

Genius Sogn Recommendation

The Genius app is a songs recognition app that comes with lyrics support. It’s a lot like the Musixmatch Lyrics app with a focus on the lyrics of songs. Launch the app and then tap the button for music recognition at the bottom-right of the screen.

Then it is done, the app will identify the music through ACRCloud’s service. It is slower than other apps. It is also possible to play the music you’ve identified using YouTube’s PiP window.

Additionally, the app shows the list of songs that are well-known tracks on Genius. It is possible to tap one of the songs to view their lyrics and play them if you’d like. The app provides you with the feature of downloading the lyrics or share the song with a friend.

It is also possible to tap the hamburger menu, then tap on identify songs to determine which song is playing. The app performs well and keeps your previous discoveries under the “My Music” menu.

Developer: Genius Media Group, Inc.

Available for: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Is There Any App That Can Recognize A Song?

There are a variety of apps like Shazam, SoundHound, Genius, etc., that will assist you in identifying the song. You can also find other apps from the list above.

How Can I Search A Song Just By Humming?

SoundHound is among the few applications that support the identification of songs through singing or humming. In addition, you can test AHA Music to identify songs by singing or humming.

Which One Is Better: SoundHound or Shazam?

Both are very capable of audio recognition apps. It is because Shazam lets you create Auto Shazam to keep track of the background music. Furthermore, you can also play music with your phone, and Shazam will detect the music.

You can utilize any of the apps in this article to identify the music playing around you. Even if you only have a tune inside your head, a few of the songs recognition apps listed above can recognize songs even when you only play the music.


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