How to fix Bluetooth peripheral missing driver for BlackBerry in Windows 7

Blackberry 8520 can connect to your computer via bluetooth but when you actually connect it shows 2 driver missing in Windows 7.  Due to this driver issue I wasnt able to connect my Blackberry Mobile to BlackBerry Desktop manager installed in my computer. Though it’s not much of issue but if you would like to do your synchronization via Bluetooth you will need these 2 drivers to be working.

These 2 missing drivers are actually for ports and I was lucky to find it in just 4 hours ( grrrrr ) when I tried looking for each and every menu and the problem was simple. Just follow the steps :

  • Open Device Manager or If your phone is connected via USB just select properties of that phone.
  • Under  the Hardware you would see 2 of them marked not working properly.
  • Select one of them and choose to update the drivers.
  • Next you need to select to update driver from your computer.
  • Next select drives already available in your computer.
  • Select Hardware : PORTS
Blackberry bluetooth driver

Blackberry bluetooth driver

  • Look for RIM Virtual Serial Ports and then select RIM Virtual Serial Port v2.
  • Add it and ignore the warning when doing so.
  • Repeat the same for the next not working driver.
  • Now if you had done paring before delete it form your Mobile along and then do it again.
  • You will be able to connect your Desktop manager to Blackberry ans sync without connecting the USB cable.

Blackberry bluetooth : Add Rim virtual ports