How to fix Bluetooth peripheral missing driver for BlackBerry in Windows 7

Blackberry 8520 can connect to your computer via bluetooth but when you actually connect it shows 2 driver missing in Windows 7.  Due to this driver issue I wasnt able to connect my Blackberry Mobile to BlackBerry Desktop manager installed in my computer. Though it’s not much of issue but if you would like to do your synchronization via Bluetooth you will need these 2 drivers to be working.

These 2 missing drivers are actually for ports and I was lucky to find it in just 4 hours ( grrrrr ) when I tried looking for each and every menu and the problem was simple. Just follow the steps :

  • Open Device Manager or If your phone is connected via USB just select properties of that phone.
  • Under  the Hardware you would see 2 of them marked not working properly.
  • Select one of them and choose to update the drivers.
  • Next you need to select to update driver from your computer.
  • Next select drives already available in your computer.
  • Select Hardware : PORTS
Blackberry bluetooth driver
  • Look for RIM Virtual Serial Ports and then select RIM Virtual Serial Port v2.
  • Add it and ignore the warning when doing so.
  • Repeat the same for the next not working driver.
  • Now if you had done paring before delete it form your Mobile along and then do it again.
  • You will be able to connect your Desktop manager to Blackberry ans sync without connecting the USB cable.


  1. THANKS!!! That did the trick for connecting my BB 9500 Storm to my Windows 7-based laptop 🙂

    Best regards


  2. Awesome. Finally solved my week long agony over this bluetooth glitch.
    Shows that every Blackberry out there has this, not just my Bold 9000.
    Should have read this post from Day 1 grrr.

    Thanks so much.

  3. Thank you Ashish, it worked like a charm. I totally agree with you that RIM should not face such problems especially with its full integration with a lot of Microsoft product.

    Facing this issue should not require much work for them and it will save a lot of pain for novice users.

    Thanks again

  4. This allowed my 9700 to connect to the Desktop software but now it is just hanging there. The icon on the Win 7 taskbar shows it working, but it’s not showing data transfer on my phone. The desktop icon and the BB icon are on the phone screen but no back and forth arrows like I’d normally see.

    Also, it seems that I need to do what you explained above *every* time I pair my phone to my laptop…is this normal?

    A week or two ago I was able to get a flawless Bluetooth sync ONCE between Desktop Manager and my 9700. Then I did a Win 7 update and that was the end of that.

    This is very very frustrating to have to deal with. Thank you for posting this, at least it gives me some insight to the issues.

  5. The bluetooth peripheral did installed correctly following the steps but there’s an error message it says Blackberry desktop manager has stopped working,

    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.Windows will close the program to noyify you if a solution is available.

    Please advice!

  6. The instructions were very helpful and seemed to be going great, but once each of the drivers confirmed that they were working I still could not connect to desktop manager. One of the last instructions reads: “Now if you had done paring before delete it form your Mobile along and then do it again.” and I am a bit confused what this means. Do I remove my PC from the list of bluetooth devices on my phone, then try and sync back to the PC? I attempted this to no avail, as well as the reverse (which led to nothing more than having to follow these steps again.)

    Also, I am operating on a Lenovo ThinkPad R61 with built-in bluetooth and a BB Curve 8330. Does it matter that I am not running the most current software on the BB itself? I know that my computer bluetooth works as I have a mouse working properly and the devices show up on both the BB and PC.

    Any help you can provide with this issue is GREATLY appreciated!!

  7. Carl : You followed the steps right and also you got the deletion of previous sync relationship right also. I doubt that current software of BB is giving an issue but have you tried connecting your Mobile to any other device via bluetooth before ?

  8. This is the first time I have attempted to connect my mobile via Bluetooth, so it appears that will be my next course of action to troubleshoot this issue.

    Thanks for the advice

  9. Worked perfectly
    just follow the instructions carefully and you will be all set.

    Done on:
    Windows 7, 64 bit, Home premium + Lenovo Y650

  10. Hi,

    I would like to thank you very much for finding this solution. I tried several bluetooth usb dongles because i thought the problem was on the dongle. Never thought it could be software related.

    Best regards,
    Paulo Lino

  11. I really appreciate the solution to get rid of the yellow triangled exclamation points. It worked like a charm, which is more than I can say for the connection to Desktop Manager. I still can’t connect my 8330 Curve via Bluetooth, even though now the system says everything is working perfectly.

    My phone has connected to everything else Bluetooth, including my TomTom GPS device without any problems. I am using a brand new Acer 6745 with a D-Link DBT-122 Bluetooth dongle which is about 2 years old.

    Could the dongle be the problem? I, too, have to reset the driver per your instructions every time I pair up.


  12. I followed the steps, as I was seeing the two drivers, but I deleted the phone’s entry in the PC not the pc’s entry in the phone.

    When I re-paired the only services showing are Remote Control and Bluetooth Modem, and i no longer see the yellow errored drivers.

    The phone is no longer visible to Desktop manager.

    How might I fix this?

    Any help is appreciated!

  13. I did all that but I keep getting this error code. I’m trying to connect my Blackberry curve 8520 with my Windows 7 computer via bluetooth.

    Error 777: The connection attempt failed because the modem (or) other connecting device) on the remote computer is out of order.

  14. AWESOME! This worked for my Vista Business 64-bit system, and was so easy, too. Thank you! Too bad Blackberry Desktop Manager disables IP Phone when using a Bluetooth connection – guess I have to carry a cable.

  15. i have a bb 8900 and this is not working for me??? any suggestions? i connected my 8900 thru the usb cable and it showed me just the word blackberry i did the update driver but not thru the computers driver i did it thru the internet it just did it on its own and now im all confused :(( i need help!!!!!!

  16. This worked on my 8530. I did have to remove my device and re-pair it.

    Also, I used the same driver for each of the choices, the newest one.

    Thanks and GREAT work!!

  17. Worked perfectly after downloading the Blackberry Desktop Manager software to obtain the drivers. Thank you!

  18. I have a Blackberry Tour and a Windows 7 PC. I wanted to set-up a Bluetooth connection. I followed your directions, but I couldn’t find the “RIM Virtual Serial Ports” after clicking “Ports”. Is there somewhere I can download this?

  19. i am getting the same problem which as andy o on my blackberry 8250 that option rim virtual serial ports is not coming what do i do….

  20. Excellent!!
    I wish I found this 9mos. ago…would’ve saved a lot of time.

    Aside from my faults…Thank You Very Much!!!!!

  21. Excellent, I can´t understand why Microsoft & RIM, put this solution on their sites….

    Thanks a lot

  22. Hi there

    I have managed to connect my BB Bold 9700 to Windows 7 and it syncs via Bluetooth.

    I used the same process to add my wife’s same BB to my laptop. It was installed properly but when I try to search for it in BB Desktop Manager it does not show up!

    Please help!! Thanks

  23. The second BB connection is missing

    BB Bypass Service and BB Desktop Service under device properties

    if this info helps

  24. I’m having the same problem as others. I’m running windows 7 32bit version. I’m trying to sync my blackberry bold 9700 with bluetooth. I updated the drivers and the system shows that it’s synched properly, but my BB Desktop Manager still doesn’t show an option for Bluetooth. Any help is appreciated!! 🙂

  25. Outstanding article, I was able to solve the stupid driver issue in about a minute. Thanks for taking the time in documenting this annoyance.

  26. Thank you so much!!! Finally my Bold9700 can connect to my laptop (Win7 x32 base) by using Bluetooth connection. 🙂

    But just that the connection via Bluetooth cannot act as IP modem and Mass Storage data transfer. 🙁

  27. Great job, my BB 8900 finally work. The incoming works great, but the outgoing does not work. I can send from my BB to my PC, but not from my PC to my BB. Any reason.

  28. I don’t know if anyone is still looking at this thread — this definitely corrected the problem where I couldn’t perform DUN or file transfers. However, earlier I was able to use my Win7 system as a speaker/mic for my phone; that option is still missing.

    I suspect maybe there’s a different manual driver involved – anyone know what it might be? I did have this working under 64 bit initially, so the drivers should exist (somewhere)…

  29. Brandon said:
    “The fix is the same for Vista. I figured I would give it a shot and it worked. Thanks for the help!”

    I just want to concur that this is a good for Vista. I have the Vista Ultimate Edition. This excellent post should also be on the Microsoft forums if it is not already. I have found other postings for people with this same issue. The terrible thing is that the missing on the surface is that the computer tells the lay person that drivers are missings for two devices, but you do not know what device(s) are missing the drivers. I search the web on the hardware ids of the devices to find your answer. Good show I say anyway. I have help others as you have in posting a “how-to” or a “break-fix”, so I aware of precious time you put in. Know that you have my many thanks!!!

  30. for my pc doesn’t work. I have win7 and blackberry 9700. When i do the same it looks alright, but after it when device is added again, thr drivers install on themselves and so same errors. Any ideas how to solve problem?

  31. Hey – Thanks a ton! This did it for my bb8330m. BB and MS support was helpless. Totally cool. Thanks

  32. Followed instructions and it has worked on my BB Curve. However, I have pressed the Sync or Sync All button several times and my data is not being copied from my BB to Outlook. I have checked and double checked my Syn Settings and I have it set up as one way, from device to laptop so it should work. Any ideas ? PS. Thanks for sharing this with so many people.

  33. Thank you so much! I think it worked, but then got too bored fiddling around with my PC to check by actually transferring the file.

    Really miss my Nokia now.

  34. Thanks a lot. This little trick helped me resolve the issue I was having with my Bold 9700. I just successfully sent a picture from my phone to computer via Bluetooth. Only problem is, it is painfully slow. Its much faster to connect via USB and drag/drop the files. But nonetheless, thanks again

  35. Thanks for the solution – i was having some difficulties transferring some files between my laptop an Blackberry Curve 8900 via Bluetooth, but now eveything works fine, thanks to this solution. Thanks again.

  36. i did all as stated to do above. deleted device from computer and deleted the computer from device. re-paired the two and nothing! it is still not connecting. when i try to connect to the internet via bluetooth it dials, verifies my username and password, and says its registering my computer. then i get this- error 678: the remote computer did not respond. to make sure that the server can be reached, ping the remote computer. when i first set up the bluetooth when we got the dell laptop everything worked great! then after 2 days this has been happening. i finally noticed the 2 drivers that weren’t installed and found you. but it is not fixing our problem. any advice on the error message? thanks for all of the info!

  37. Check this link Sprint Thread and let us know if this issue gets resolved. It seems like either you have a problem with the plan or your Mobile is not correctly configured to act as modem.

  38. It doesn’t work for me. I have a usb bluetooth dongle and a Windows 7 Ultimate laptop. I cannot pair the two devices by the Windows 7 Bluetooth Manager, I get different pair codes and I cannot set up my own. I have already done the steps above but i dont get any success. Any advice??

  39. I do have all the drivers in place still i cant connect
    Actually when i saw the bluetooth option in my smatphone the desktop connectivity is missing that may be the reason i cant connect via bluetooth
    advice me……….and revert


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