How To Fix Everything on My Screen Is Too Small in Windows 11/10

Microsoft’s Windows 11 and Windows 10 have had some issues with display scaling prevailing for quite some time; on high-resolution screens, with minuscule user interfaces, icons, and text being displayed too small and more. Resolution settings decide how detailed the images and text appear, but scaling determines how it looks on the screen. By default, Windows adjusts how the text and images appear on the screen. However, it can be adjusted manually from the Settings. So if your Windows PC is displaying everything too small; This post will guide you on How to Fix Everything on my screen is too small in Windows 11/10

Fix Everything on my screen is too small in Windows 10

How To Fix Everything on My Screen Is Too Small

There are tons of items displayed on a computer screen, i.e., desktop icons, text, images, and more. One could either adjust the size of everything displayed on the screen or only change the required ones.

  • Make Everything Bigger
  • Change Desktop Icon Size
  • Adjusting Scaling Options
  • Change Text Size Alone

These methods should work for all user accounts.

1] Make Everything Bigger

A default Windows 11/10 PC is likely to be set to the recommended scale setting, which is 100 percent or higher. Do note that one cannot scale the UI elements to be less than 100 percent. We can use the Settings menu for changing the size of everything in the user interface, be it either the icons, text, and apps.

In Windows 11

  • Navigate to Settings > System > Display
  • Under Scale & Layout, increase the Scale using the dropdown.
  • Choose between 125/150/175% scalingWindows Scale Layout System

In Windows 10

  • Open the Settings Panel in Windows 10 (Win + I)
  • From the list of tiles present, navigate, find, and select the Ease Of Access menu.Make Everything Bigger Windows 10
  • Next, Under the Display -> Make everything bigger option, click on the dropdown, and select scaling.

Some apps will not immediately respond to these changes, so you may need to restart your PC for changes to take effect.

2] Change Desktop Icon Size

If you have trouble seeing the icons present on your desktop in Windows 10, adjusting the desktop icons’ size could help. Here’s how to do so:

Change Desktop Icon Size

  • In a space present on your Desktop, make a right-click to pop open the context menu.
  • In the context menu with multiple options, select View > the size of an icon; options include Small Icons, Medium Icons, and Large icons. 
  • To find the perfect fit, you can try experimenting from the list of options.

In Windows 11, you will need to click on Show More Options after you right-click to reveal hidden options.

3] Adjust Scaling Options

With Windows, one can change the screen’s resolution and scaling to make things more transparent for your eyes and easier to use. Screen resolution relates to the clarity of the text and images shown on the screen. At higher resolutions, items appear sharper and smaller so more items can fit on the screen. Here’s how to adjust the Scaling options in Windows 11/10.

  • Open the Settings Panel  (Win + I)
  • From the list of tiles, choose the System menu.
  • Now, find and select Display -> Scale and Layout -> Advanced Scaling Options.Custom Scaling Windows
  • Next, upon scrolling further, find Custom Scaling options. In the text entry box, type in a scaling percentage of 100 and 500%, such as 150%
  • It will now change the scaling and the resolution of your display.

4] Change Text Size alone

If you’re facing issues with the text not being readable because of the small size, changing the text’s size alone can get your job done. Here’s how to do so:

In Windows 11

Windows Accessibility Text Size

  • Open Settings using Win + I
  • Click on Accessibility > Text Size
  • Here you can use the slider to increase and decrease the text size across the system.

In Windows 10

Make Text Bigger Windows 10

  • Open the Settings Panel (Win + I)
  • Scroll down, find and choose the Ease Of Access menu.
  • Next, under the Display options, navigate and select the Make Text Bigger menu.
  • Now, click on the pointer drag and adjust the font size based on your preference.

With that said, do you prefer large or small icons? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

How Do I Get My Windows Screen Back To Normal Size?

If everything looks bigger than expected, you need to set the changes to default related to text, resolution, and scaling. All of these options are available in Settings and discussed above.

Why Is My Screen Display So Large?

If you see everything big even though you haven’t changed anything, it’s because of the resolution. Right-click on the Desktop, select Display Settings and then locate Resolution. Change to something higher than what is already set, and check if things look better now.

Why Does My Screen Not Fit My Monitor?

If the resolution is set correctly, you will need to use the hardware buttons on the monitor to adjust the size, so the screen fits in the monitor. The controls will vary for every OEM. It would be best to look for the manual or fiddle around with the button on the monitor and change things.



  2. I remember when you used to be able to change the text in the headings.That is where my problem is

  3. Thank you! This was very helpful. When I got my new monitor all the text and icons were too small. I set it to 125% and it’s much better now.

  4. The problem is not -everything-. I can read just fine, and changing font size is simple. I don’t want to change everything, because that includes menu bars and elements that will take up space that don’t need to. The only element that is problematic is the control surfaces. check boxes, radio buttons, “X” buttons, and ESPECIALLY window divider draggable lines (1px, maybe 2, wtf) Pretty much anything that involves control, seems to be designed for 20 year old gamers with 42″ desktops, a $300 mouse with perfect tracking, and 20 year old eyesight.

    Is there ANY way to make just the controls larger? I would love it across the entire OS, but just modding my browser would be helpful. I’m not afraid of registry tweaks, addons, mods, whatever.

    A long time ago, windows had an option for a smart cursor. Whatever happened to that? Smart cursor would be so helpful, might even make the control surface size of 4px radio buttons irrelevant.


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