How to Fix Failed to Open Image issue while setting Wallpaper [Android]

This looks like a very common problem in case of Android phones, after using the same images again and again as your wallpaper, it happens that when you want to select a particular image as wallpaper, it fails to load the image, and displays a message saying ‘Failed to open Image’. However as far as simply viewing the image part is concerned, you don’t face any issues there.

I too was facing this issue on my phone recently; here is the way to resolve this issue. This happens due to the .thumbnails folder inside the DCIM folder on your memory card.

How to Fix ‘Failed to Open Image’ issue while setting Wallpaper [Android]

I didn’t get the reason behind it, but as far as resolving the issue is concerned, you can simply delete the .thumbnails folder, and the issue will be resolved. In order to delete this folder, you can either use a file explorer application, or simply connect your phone to the PC and access the memory card to delete the folder.

Another method which somebody suggested me was, rename the wallpapers, the issues is resolved by this, though I couldn’t try this, but it seems that this too will work, reason being renaming too will start a fresh thumbnail generation, which ultimately is as good as deleting the thumbnail folder to generate the new thumbnails.


  1. This post was awesome! Thanks so much.

    As for why, it could be there is a “filled buffer” issue. I change the media gallery around a lot using my laptop to do this. Regenerating the thumbnails after a deletion should let the phone re-set itself with one set of thumbnails only and one set of paths for those related images. I like changing the desktop on the phone because it gives a clear image you can quickly show people without fumbling around.

    Bookmarking your site as it was so useful.


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