How to fix iOS 4.2 WiFi Issue in iPad

After installing the iOS 4.2 update yesterday, it seems there is still an issue with iPad connecting to a WiFi or hotspot automatically even if it shows it is connected in the settings section. The wifi icon does not show up.

Issue summary :

iPad is not connecting to WiFi router or hotspot automatically though in settings it shows its connected sometimes.

IPad Wifi Issue

How to Fix it :

Below is a small fix which I tried and thats how it works for me as of now :

  • Go to Settings > Wifi. This will initiate the connection with your router or hotspot.
  • The wifi icon will still not appear.
  • Now just launch any application which tries to connect to Internet, here twitter app is what I have tried all the time and it works.
  • As soon as you launch this application the WiFi icon appears though the twitter application gave a warning initially that there is no internet connection but connected the next moment.

As of now this is the only fix to the wifi issue in iPad unless we hear some fix or firmware upgrade / patch from Apple.


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