How to fix “iTunes Sync Required” issue when using Home Sharing for the first time

I usually do not carry music on my iPad and used to listen music using Remote App and now with Home Sharing feature of iOS 4.3. But today when i launched to try home sharing feature on my office computer, I got a message which says  iTunes Sync Required and closed the iPod App. This was restricting me to use the Home Sharing feature and I have no intention to sync music with my Office computer either.

In case you are also getting the same error and not able to use Home Sharing without syncing, follow the steps below :

  • First setup the Home Sharing if you havent.
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer via the USB cable.
  • Launch the iTunes and let it detect your iPad once. In case it starts syncing hit cancel.
  • Now launch the iPod app on your iPad or iPhone
  • The error will be gone.
  • Select an album and play the music which you shave shared on from your iTunes Library.
  • Use the eject option in iTunes or just unplug the USB.

iTunes Sync Issue in iPod on iDevice

This will resolve the issue and you can try it out by closing the iPoad App and then restarting it again.

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