How to Fix Your Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

Does your keyboard keep typing numbers repeatedly? This article will tell you how to fix your keyboard typing numbers instead of letters. It applies to Windows 11, Windows 10, and any previous version of Windows.

In some keyboards, you are typing letters at one point, and at another, you are typing numbers (if you press the Fn or Alt key + the button with a letter and a number on the top or side). Some users don’t know that it suddenly cannot type letters, and it sticks only to numbers.

What Causes the Keyboard to Only Type Numbers?

A keyboard usually has a numeric side (numbers only) and an alphanumeric side (numbers and letters and symbols). Some companies, however, create keyboards with only the alphanumeric side to minimize space usage. Mini-laptops and notebooks are common examples of laptops that reduce space to make them more portable.

In most keyboards, you will find the alphabetic side divided into function keys (F1 to F12), followed by numeric keys (0-9), and then the alphabetic keys (A-Z). Other types of keyboards have squeezed numeric keys and numbers together to minimize space and size. You will need to hold down the Alt key or the Fn key; otherwise, you will be typing letters only.

If the keyboard is only typing numbers instead of letters, then the num lock key is probably on. When you enable this option, your computer will know that you have dedicated the keys (those with letters and numbers) to type numbers only. Num lock becomes a problem when the user does not know how to turn it off.

Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

How to Fix Your Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

Let’s proceed to the below-listed troubleshooting methods to learn how to fix writing numbers instead of letters on your keyboard.

  1. Turn off Num Lock
  2. Toggle Num Lock status using an External Keyboard
  3. Turn off Num lock using Windows On-Screen Keyboard.

Let’s give a try at all of these methods one by one.

1] Turn off Num lock

If your keyboard does not have a dedicated number pad, you will need to enter numbers using letter keys. To use these keys, you must turn on the Numlock, but in case if you forgot to turn it off, then follow these steps to do so:

  • Look for the NumLock key on your keyboard.
  • Tap the NumLock key to turn it off (the key toggles num lock on and off).
  • You will no longer be able to enter numbers by pressing keys on the keyboard.

Do note that the Num Lock on these types of keyboard are in combination with other keys, and you may have to use Fn or Shift key to toggle NumLock status.

Check by typing something to see if you solved your issue.

2] Turn off Num Lock using an External Keyboard

You can try out this method for laptops with complicated keyboards or where the number lock key does not work. Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  • Connect the external keyboard
  • Now wait for it to install (if it’s a Bluetooth keyboard, you will have to pair it)
  • The num lock light on the right side of your external keyboard will be on if your num lock key is active.
  • You can disable num lock by clicking on it.
  • Its light will also dim or turn off.

Now, unplug the external keyboard and reboot your PC to see if you resolved the problem.

3] Turn off Num lock Using Windows On-Screen Keyboard

Numlock via On Screen Keyboard

It will be necessary to open the on-screen keyboard and then turn off the num lock using it if the above solution doesn’t work. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run box.
  2. Type OSK in the textbox > Press the Enter key to open the On-Screen Keyboard.
  3. NumLock will appear in a different color if it is active. Tap it to turn num lock off.
  4. If you cannot see num lock on the on-screen keyboard > Click on options.
  5. Checkmark the Turn on numeric keypad option > Click OK.
  6. Now you can see num lock > Turn it off.

If you cannot turn on the NumLock, click on the Options button on the virtual keyboard, and check on the box next to Turn on the numeric keyboard.

Reboot your PC to save changes.

What Should I Do If My Keyboard Is Typing Two Letters Instead of One?

Some Windows updates may cause your keyboard to type two letters instead of one. You can follow some of these troubleshooting methods to fix your issue:

  • Go to the Device Manager > Uninstall the keyboard driver > Reboot your PC and test it again.
  • If the problem persists, open the on-screen keyboard (search for osk) and press any letter to see if it types it correctly.
  • Lastly, connect an external USB keyboard and see if everything works correctly with that.

If none of these methods resolves your issue, your only option will be to replace your keyboard.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Typing Multiple Letters

If your keyboard is typing multiple letters, then you can easily fix the issue by adjusting the keyboard settings for repeat rate.

On Windows 11

Open Settings (Win + I) > Accessibility > Keyboard > Filter keys. Here you can configure the following:

Windows 11 Filter Keys Accessibility

  • Keyboard Shortcut for Filter Keys
  • Show the Filter key icons on the taskbar
  • Beep when keys are pressed or accepted
  • Ignore quick keystrokes (slow keys), unintended keystrokes (bounce keys), and repeated keystrokes (repeat keys)

Turn on the Repeat Keystrokes toggle to ensure that it can be managed if you are typing too fast.

On Windows 10

Filter Keys Windows 10

Go to Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard > Turn off Filter keys. This makes sure not to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes and change keyboard repeat rates.

You can also use the right Shift key for eight seconds to toggle Filter keys.

How to Fix a Keyboard That Is Typing Backwards

Typing backward on your keyboard is a well-known problem, and it’s more likely caused by system settings than by a virus or bug. With Windows, you can choose between typing left-to-right or right-to-left. You might have accidentally changed this setting if your keyboard is typing backward. To fix it, follow this simple step:

  • For right-to-left typing, press CTRL + Right SHIFT.
  • For left-to-right typing, press CTRL + Left SHIFT.

Check if this solved your problem.

Why Does the Number on the Right Side of the Keyboard Sometimes Not Work?

You will not be able to use the number keys on the right side of your keyboard if the NumLock key is disabled. You can enable it simply by just clicking on it.

Once you have enabled NumLock and the number keys still don’t work, try holding down the NumLock key for about 5 seconds. Now press the numbers and see if it works.

I hope this post will help you fix your keyboard typing numbers instead of letters.

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