How to fix slow DSL line – TS Readers Tip

Thomas Amundsen sent us a solution to fix DSL line which happens when Windows TCP/IP stack and winsock catalog gets messed up.

Here is Thomas’s hands on solution.

I had problems with something blocking my DSL Connection on my Vista PC. There were no problems with spyware, adware, malware, virus etc etc.

The computer itself was running at top speed. But the internet connection was extremly slow and my browsers used about 500,000K as soon as it booted.

After much ado and painfully slow googling I found that sometimes the Windows TCP/IP stack and winsock catalog gets messed up – causing the DSL line to glog.

The solution to mine and others which I’ve helped was to do this:

  1. Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:
  2. Type: netsh int ip reset reset.log (TCP/IP stack repair options ) 3. Type: netsh winsock reset catalog (Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults) 4. Reboot the machine.

It also works on Win XP Sp2.  The soultion was posted here:

I hope this can help many others

Thanks a lot thomas for the right solution. I hope many will get benifited from this.

Do you have any hands on solution which you would like to share with us ? Send us @ info at technospot dot net.


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