How to fix when BlackBerry cannot make a cellular connection

In the last post we talked about How to fix delay in receiving mails on Blackberry. Th second issue which was faced by my friend was

Problem : BlackBerry cannot make a cellular connection

The Possible causes and solutions are

#1 Your BlackBerry does not have sufficient Power

Check the battery charge level as shown by the battery icon on the top left of the home screen. No Power – Battery Charge Indicator does not show a charge or is very weak. The battery icon may be red. Charge the battery.

#2 You are Out of Network coverage area

Check the Signal Strength Indicator on the home screen. (1 to 5 bars, as shown below, indicating signal strength). If there is no signal, you may be out of range of the network.

If you are sure you are in range of the network, but show no signal strength, press Alt-Right Shift-Del at the same time. This will cause the BlackBerry to reacquire a network connection.

The process for this procedure is:

  • Press Alt-Right Shift-Del (The Del key is also the Backspace key.)
  • The screen will go blank, and an hourglass will appear. Wait for the hourglass to go away.
  • The startup screen will appear. Wait for it to go away.
  • A screen that says Verifying Security Software will appear. Wait for it to go away.
  • Check the Radio Tower icon.

If you are in Coverage Area of your Service Provider, You will get the network.

#3 Your Data plan is switched Off.

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  1. Hi, Please help me. I was on vacation, then my blackberry was on low battery. After sometimes, the battery gone and I had leave my blackberry uncharge for 1 day. Then now when i tried charging it, Only red blinking led appears. When i tried switching the blackberry on it does not want to switch on. What shall i do?

  2. @Enna : Keep it on charge for at least 7 to 8 hours. Since its been a day without charge it will not turn on.

    I had similar problem when I landed at the airport and my phone did not turn it on. Then I took out the battery and reinserted it for a hard reset. When it turned on it turned of the radio communication and battery was read. The error message was that battery power was not enough for it.

  3. Hi Ashish, Had tried doing it. But still the red led light keep on blinking for the whole 8 hours of charging. Then when i tried to switch it on, Nothing happen. I even tried openong the battery and leaving it unattached for 1day then i fix it back and charge again. Yet the same thing occur only red blinking led light and the blackberry refuse to switch on. Please help me. I need this cell to be alive badly. Thank you.

  4. sorry, but the above info will not work for many new BB owners, as they have faulty or inferior antennas. many people are complaining of extremely low signal when they can put another phone next to it (using the same sim) & get full signal. there is a problem with new blackberries for sure.

    if updating to the latest FW (5.xx) doesn’t fix it then you need to seek repair / physical upgrade of antenna part.

  5. I have heard that you must connect the charger to the power source first, and then connect the other end to the phone. So remove the cord from the phone, connect the charger to the power source, and then connect the end to the phone. Hope this helps.


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