How to Fix Your PIN is No Longer Available on Windows 11/10

Windows is an ever-developing and improving operating system; while every new update can bring new features and bug fixes, it can also bring in contemporary issues and bugs. One of such bugs is the— Your PIN is no longer available due to a change in the security settings of this device— issue where the user is locked out of their computer and can not log back in even with the correct password and PIN.

There are pretty easy fixes to this issue, and this is precisely what we are going to discuss in this article. Please make sure that you closely follow every step mentioned to fix this error completely.

Fix 'Your PIN is No Longer Available' on Windows

Why Does Your Pin Is No Longer Available Error Occur?

Your PIN is no longer available error can occur for many reasons, but here are the four most prominent ones for such occurrence:

  1. Faulty Windows Security Update: There have been instances of Windows sending in a faulty security update where this issue can occur due to some data mismatch. In this scenario, the best possible solution will be booting Windows in Safe mode and rolling back to the previous version.
  2. Corrupted NGC Folder: NGC folder is where all the data related to a PIN is stored, and when due to unexplained reasons, it gets corrupted, you will encounter issues. To solve this, you need to delete the NGC folder, and you should be able to reset the PIN.
  3. Important System File Corruption: Windows 11 does not have an NGC folder, but other essential system files may have gotten corrupted, which can cause an issue while logging in. The best solution in such a case will be to reset the PC. However, you may lose all your data.
  4. Boot Related Issues: Several boot-related issues can also prevent you from logging into your computer; you can attempt a startup repair to solve this.

Fix: Your PIN is No Longer Available on Windows

While no particular fix works completely, you can try each of the fixes listed below to solve the PIN is no longer available error on Windows PC.

  1. Reset Your Pin Using Your Microsoft Account
  2. Attempt Startup Repair
  3. Delete NGC Folder
  4. Uninstall Updates

Some of these will need admin permission. Let’s look at the detailed steps for these fixes.

1] Reset Your PIN Using Your Microsoft Account

Resetting your PIN using your Microsoft account can be one of the most straightforward fixes and has a higher chance of solving the issue. Here’s how you can do it:

  • When you are stuck on the login page, you’ll see an I forgot my PIN option. Click on it. Reset Password On The Windows login screen

Please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. In case it’s not, click on the Wifi icon in the bottom right corner and connect to a network from the various available. This fix requires internet connectivity.

  • Now, you’ll see a window opening up. You’ll be asked to enter your Microsoft account password, enter it and proceed further.
  • You’ll be asked to enter the authentication code sent to your Microsoft account right after entering the password on the next screen. Upon entering the code, you’ll be asked to reconfirm if you wish to change the PIN.
  • Click on yes, and now you’ll be allowed to reset the PIN.

2] Attempt Startup Repair

If you believe that there can be boot issues causing the ‘Your PIN is no longer available’ error, you can attempt a startup repair. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Hold the Shift button on your keyboard at the login screen, and then click on the power button at the bottom right corner and select Restart from the menu.
  • It will reboot your computer into Recovery mode. This mode is generally used to fix breaking issues in your computer. Select the Startup Repair option from the advanced settings menu in the recover mode.Startup Repair in Windows recovery
  • In the Startup Repair, enter the password to the PC admin account and follow the onscreen instructions to perform a startup repair. Once done, your PC will reboot, and the issue should not be there anymore.

3] Delete NGC Folder

The NGC folder is responsible for all the data required to store and validate your PIN, the folder is specifically available for Windows 10 only, so this fix will only work for that. Here’s how to delete the NGC folder:

  • First, boot up Windows in recovery mode by clicking the restart button on the login screen while holding the Shift key on your keyboard.
  • In the recovery mode screen, Click on Troubleshoot and then select Advanced. Troubleshoot in Windows 10
  • In the advanced menu, select Startup Settings, and then on the next page, click Restart.
  • The startup settings screen will open among the array of settings available, press F6 on your keyboard to boot into safe mode with a command prompt. Advanced startup settings in Windows
  • In the safe mode, open the command prompt with admin privileges and run the following commands.
takeown /f C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Microsoft\NGC
icacls C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Microsoft\NGC /grant administrators:f
  • These commands will give you admin access to the folder. Now, navigate to the following path in Windows Explorer.
  • Here, you will see the NGC folder. Right-click on the folder name and select delete from the context menu to delete the NGC folder.NGC Folder In Windows 10

Now that you have deleted the NGC folder, you should be able to access your computer without a PIN and set up a new PIN.

4] Uninstall Updates

If the issue occurred after a recent general or security update from Windows, uninstalling updates from the recovery mode can be a working fix. Here’s how to do it:

  • Boot into recovery mode in Windows by holding the shift key and pressing the restart button simultaneously.
  • Now, click on troubleshoot, then select advanced options on the next page.
  • In the advanced options, select, Uninstall updates. It will then offer two options, Uninstall the latest feature update, or Uninstall the latest quality update. Select either one appropriate for you and proceed. Uninstall updates in Windows recovery mode
  • On the next page, select the Microsoft account linked to your computer and enter the password for it. Once done, you’ll be able to uninstall updates. Uninstall Latest update by selecting account in Windows recovery mode

These were all for our article on How to fix your PIN is no longer available in Windows. If the issue persists, please get in touch with a professional; you can also reach out to Microsoft Windows support. Keep backup of your important data to avoid data loss during such mishaps. We hope that you found this article helpful. Please make sure you share this with everyone.

Can I Enter The Safe Mode Without Windows Desktop Password?

You can enter the Safe Mode without a password, but you need to enter the desktop password to access the desktop. In case you have forgotten the Desktop password for your Windows computer, you can easily reset it on the login page by using your Microsoft account.

Is It Safe To Delete NGC Folder In Windows?

Yes, it is generally safe to delete the NGC folder in Windows, as deleting this folder will only erase data relating to your login credential and PIN. However, it is still not recommended to do so as it is a crucial folder related to your computer’s security.


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