How to get anonymous feedback from trusted people

The title is a bit confusing, but probably the best I could think of to avoid the confusion, well this is about a service, which allows you to ask a question to get a feedback of something. The feedbacks are anonymous for the obvious reason that you don’t know who has sent the feedback, but the snippet “set of people whom you trust” is because you take this feedback from a set of people or friends whom you trust.

So the catch is, you throw out a question to get a feedback, and you get a feedback from them, but you actually don’t know that what feedback was given by particular friend or person, so that’s all about anonymous feedbacks from a known or trusted set, now this sounds like a nice idea, isn’t it? Rypple lets you do this, and that too is few simple steps.

Register and create a account, and start taking feedbacks, you simply need to fill up  this simple form, choose if you want to send an email to people for getting a feedback or you can opt to get an unique URL.


Ask for Feedback

Once done with this, whenever a feedback is provided, you get notified via an email in your inbox and this way you get anonymous feedbacks from your trusted set.

Every person who gets a link to provide you a feedback in his/her email, also gets an option to set a password for him/her.

If you need to take feedbacks quite frequently, you have options at Rypple which allow you to handle all your feedbacks, by adding filters and Archiving like features. These options can be accessed under the ‘Review My Feedback’ tab.


Feedback Features

So, if you too are interested in getting some real feedbacks for something or some products, you can try Rypple. Share with us how it worked by you. Try Rypple

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