Best Online Services to Create Fonts with your handwriting

Many of us tend to keep things as much personalized as possible. We keep searching for ways to make something look as if it has been designed especially for us. We like to wear T-shirts with a custom message in them, we want to ride customized bikes, and so on. Well, here is a way to have a personalized font, i.e., you can now type the letters or the characters, in the same as you write them using a pen and paper, sounds cool, isn’t it? In this post, we will share the best online services to create Fonts with your handwriting.

Best Online Services to Create Fonts with your handwriting

What fun it would be to send out emails in a font that looks exactly like your handwriting. Well, here are the ways to get the font that resembles your writing.

  1. Your Fonts
  2. Pilot Handwriting
  3. MyScriptFont

The basic mechanism of all these services is the same. They give you a template, download and print it, and write down the letters. It helps to know how do you make the particular character while using a pen or pencil. Scan it and upload it to get the fonts.

1] Your Fonts

As I have mentioned earlier, it follows the mechanism, download template, write on it, scan and upload to get the font. This one is a paid option; however, you can have a preview of your font before you plan to pay for it to buy.

Best Create Fonts Handwriting Services
Create Fonts Your Handwriting

You can read more about Your Fonts 

2] Pilot HandWriting

This one is free service from the Pilot Pens, account creation is required before you proceed, later you can download the template, and after writing on it, finally upload the scanned copy and get your font soon.

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3] is Free, and probably the one with the most straightforward interface. Download the template, fill (write) it, scan as grayscale with 300dpi, later upload. You can name your font while uploading, and also, this tool allows you to select the font format; you can choose TTF, OTF, or SVG font.

How to get the font which looks almost like your handwriting

Visit seems to be a better one as far as the user experience and pricing are the points of consideration. However, in terms of the quality of output (i.e., the level of match found in the font and actual handwriting), I am not sure as I haven’t used them all personally. So in case you use them all, share your views about it with us, do tell us which worked best for you, and why do you call it the best.


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