How to get Windows 8 Pro Promo Code without Windows Serial Key Check

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft has made it lot easy for Windows 7 / Windows Vista or even Windows XP user to migrate and upgrade their OS to a genuine Windows 8 Copy even if you have lost your Windows License or never had it before. There are couple of offers right now starting with cheap $13 or 699 Indian Rupees upgrade or get a new license of 39.99$ or get a DVD Coy in 69.99$.

Now I have heard that many users who do not have Windows 7 Original License Key or they have lost it or somebody has installed pirated Windows on their machine are able to upgrade to Windows 8. Though this sound funny but probably Microsoft is doing it intentionally to remove pirated version of Windows from the market by giving out the OS for so cheap.

So to get this offer, go to and select your country. Now the real trick is to fill in the details which comes in the next page. Now to let you know this offer is only valid for recently bought PC but if you fill in details smartly, you can still grab the offer.

In case you have forgotten Windows Key, Be careful what you need to fill in.

  • Add your Contact Name, Email Address and Phone No correctly.
  • When filling the month of purchase, make sure to fill in dates which is close to one or two month of launch of Windows 8.
  • Do not choose any brand when it comes to selecting PC brand because this will initiate the Windows 7 Key verification.
  • You can put in the name of the company from where you bought your PC in the next field.

Once done, the next page will not ask you to verify Windows 7 Key Check. Remember if you have the key, please choose the appropriate PC Brand like Dell.

Windows 7 PC Upgrade

Once done you will receive an email and notification  that “You’ve completed registration for the Windows Upgrade Offer. You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly with your registration details for your records” and you will get a registration number. Soon you should get a second email with Windows 8 Promo Code.

How to upgrade ?

This is critical. Since this is upgrade and not the clean installation, you need to run the Windows 8 upgrade software on the PC which you want to upgrade. This link to the upgrade will be included in the same email where you get the promo code.

Next run the upgrader and follow the steps till you are asked to buy Windows 8 where you need to enter the promo key. You will be able to choose Payment Method and other information.

Follow the upgrade and its instruction and you should be able to upgrade nicely. Read more about it here.

What if this does not work for you ?

In that case Microsoft has another offer which costs only 39.99$ USD which gives you option to either upgrade or clean install


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