How to give Facebook Fan Page a username

Facebook Fan Pages has a typical URL like, which looks ugly and very lengthy for promotion. Luckily Facebook allows you to get a nice URL that looks like a username URL.  Follow the steps below to give Facebook Fan Page a username like URL.

How to give Facebook Fan Page a username

  • Go to
  • Login with your account. Here you will see a screen as below :

Facebook Fan Page Username

  • Select the page for which you want to have a nice name, and you will be promoted for giving a name followed by an availability check.
  • Once your choice of name is available, you will be prompted with warnings like you cannot change the name once set, so you make sure the spelling is correct at least.

We did that for our Facebook Fan Page, and now the URL is

Before you go ahead and start creating, make sure you know details about policies which Facebook Fan page should follow for getting a nice name, etc. here

How to change Facebook Page User Name

Change Facebook username

If you have already change the URL, but now you want to change the user name, then follow the steps as below:

  • Open Your Facebook Page
  • Go to its About section > Edit Page Info.
  • Under general, you can change the username.
  • Once approved, the URL will also change.

That said, there will always be a limitation on what username you select and if it matches with the business name you offer. It goes through both manual and automated processes for verification. The system is in place so no other brand can take your username and restrict you from accidentally taking other brands’ names.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you could change the URL of your Facebook Page. Remember you cannot change often, so do it wisely.


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