How to hide recently accessed shared folders from Network

If you work in a network environment where you need to get access to lot of shared folders across computers, you must have noticed that the these folders are listed under your My Network folder or Network area. Windows by default keeps the listing so that you save time when you access them again.

That’s good but if your computer is shared by others using the same account and you do not want anybody to see this, you can turn this off completely. If your account have administrator privilege you can do it on your own or just ask your administrator to do it for you.

  • Start the Group Policy Editor
  • Go to Local Computer Policy > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop
  • Look for a setting which says “Do not add shares of recently opened documents to Network Locations
  • If you enable this setting, shared folders are not added to Network Locations automatically when you open a document in the shared folder.

Recent Network Folder Access


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