How to Hide / Remove Gmail Label Folders using IMAP and Outlook 2007 / 2010

Using IMAP and Oultook cold be the best way to read mails as its a synchronized or call it as both ways. You change in outlook and it gets reflected on your Gmail account or vice versa. I started using Outlook 2007 and Gmail IMAP service like 2 days back. The most irritating part I found was All the labels also get listed along with the default folders of Gmail ( Inbox, sent etc ).

Now in case you have lot of labels the folder list on the left navigation panel becomes too long. For me I don’t search labels all the time even if they are listed there its useless for me. So this is what I did to remove or you can say hide of those Labels to show in my outlook 2007.

  • Tools -> Account Settings -> (your Gmail account) -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced
  • Set Root Folder Path to “[Gmail]” without the quotes .
  • If you are set to work offline,  get online first and then right click on Gmail Folder
  • Click on Update IMAP folders.
  • Now you will the list of folders gets reduced to All Mail, Inbox,Starred, Inbox i.e Now you see only standard Gmail Folders.

Here is an example of my 2 Gmail accounts one with and one without root folder settings. This way I am able to remove the gmail labels from outlook folder list. However there is one drawbacks in case you want labels it wont show up. I am working on this so I can only see particular folders only.

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  1. To get around this, I just make all my labels “sublabels”. Just insert a forward slash / (with some consistent character in front) and when the sync occurs Outlook interprets the labels are being folders beneath the / and name.

    Is that confusing? Just call your labels “A/John”, “A/Sally” and so on. In Outlook John and Sally will be folders nested below “A”.

  2. This is great info. I was pulling my hair out because the starred items were showing 3 times in my outlook task list. Unflagging 1 removed the star but didn’t remove the rest from the list either. As soon as I made the change mentioned above it was working as I wanted it too.


  3. The question I have relates to GMAIL, IMAP and the display of folders. It appears that each GMAIL (or IMAP) account creates a different PST file.

    I would like the GMAIL accounts all to use the same PST file.
    Is this possible and if so does anyone know how to do it???

    Thanks a mint

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