How to hide Firefox Tabs using a keyboard shortcut

When you have multiple tabs open in Firefox, the info about the content is always visible in the Tab bar. The area which helps you identify the webpage. While it is necessary, it is also open to preying eyes who can see what you are up to. Many a time you also don’t want anybody to see what you are working on. So in this post, we will share how to hide Firefox Tabs using a keyboard shortcut

How to hide Firefox Tabs using a keyboard shortcut

Here I am suggesting two Firefox add-ons which can do that job for you. One is Hide tabs, and the second is the Hide tabs panic button. Both these extension will help you instantly hide all open tabs, and then bring it back to you. Anybody looking at your browser would feel that you had just opened the browser.

Panic Button Hide Tabs

Hide Tabs Firefox

Once installed, all you need to do is press ANT + SHIFT + A, and it will replace the tab with a dummmy tab. If somebody looks at it, it is going to be obvious, but then its your choice, and your work. Use the same combination to bring all the tabs back.

  • Easily close and open all tabs via keyboard shortcut.
  • Toolbar button can simply open and close all tabs (toggle button).
  • Restore Tabs instantly. It uses the  session restore API.
  • Available for all browsers and platforms (Window, Linux, and Mac).

Download Panic Button Hide Tabs.

Hide tabs

Hide Tabs in Firefox

The extension is popular compared to the above one, and offers better control. Along with hiding all of them, you can also choose to hide tabs on right, other tabs, tabs on left or all of them. You can also choose to suspend tabs when hiding. This is useful when there is a video running in the background, and you do not want anybody to hear the audio.

Download Hide Tabs

These are the best extensions right now to hide tabs in Firefox. Do let us know if it worked for you.


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