How to Import Google Chrome Group Policy (ADMX) in Windows

Do you need to deploy policies for Chrome in your business? Do you want to manage some of the Chrome settings in our company? This post wthe ill help you import Google Chrome Group Policy ADMX File in Windows.

Google Chrome is compatible with the business environment, so Group Policies are in place to deploy. For Windows, the Policies come as templates in the form of ADM or ADMX files.

How to Import Google Chrome Group Policy Settings in Windows

How to Download Google Chrome Group Policy (ADMX) for Windows

  • Download the Policy Templates from here
  • Extract the ZIP file. Inside the extracted folder, you will find three folders ChromeOS, Common, and Windows. We will use the content of the Windows folder.Google Chrome Windows Policy Files
  • Inside the windows folder, there are two folders, ADM and ADMX. Go inside ADMX. There will be two ADMX files—Chrome and Google. We will need to use the Chrome file along with its language file.

Now that we know where the files are let’s look at the methods that can help you import the settings in Windows.

How To Import Google Chrome Group Policy (ADMX) in Windows

There are two ways of importing any group policy:

  1. Drag and Drop Policy Files to Windows Policy Folder
  2. Use Group Policy to Import Policy Template

You will need admin privileges for both of these methods.

1] Drag and Drop Policy Files (ADMX) to Windows Policy Folder

  • Now to import group policy for Chrome, open the Policy templates path in your Windows machine, which is at C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions

Policy Definitions Location Windows

  • I have Windows 11/10 and Windows Server, where I need to use the ADMX folder. Inside the ADMX folder, you have one ADMX file and one language file, ADML, which will be inside en-US.
  • Copy the ADMX file into C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions
  • Inside the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions there should be a folder as en-US, which represents the language. Now copy the ADML file inside the following location-C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US.
  • You will receive a prompt for admin permission. Once you allow it, Windows will install the policy on that PC.

Google Chrome Policy GP Editor

Close everything, launch the Group Policy Editor, and navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates. You will find a new folder named Google, under which Google Chrome has all the required templates for use in Business Environment.

Note: If the domain store has been created for ADMX files (which is likely in a domain environment), then the location C:\Windows\Policydefinitions is not used.

2] Use Group Policy Editor to Import Policy Template (ADMX)

Group Policy Editor allows import and removal of any imported group policy. It makes the process more straightforward compared to the manual method.

  • Open Windows run prompt using Win + R
  • Type gpedit.msc to open Group Policy Editor
  • Select the location under Computer Configuration or User Configuration where you need to import the policy
  • Click on the Action menu in the GP editor and then click on the Add/Remove Templates menu.Add Remove Templates GP Editor
  • In the template import window, click on Add, and go to the location of the folder where the policy is available.
  • Select, and click on the Add button to import them.
  • How to Import Google Chrome Group Policy Settings in Windows
  • Done that, click OK, and Group Policy Editor will refresh itself.


Similar to Chrome, if you need to configure a policy for any browser, you will need to download its Policy template from the official website and then import it following any of the above methods.

I hope the post was helpful and you were able to import Google Chrome Group Policy Settings in Windows.


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