How to import Network files to Movie maker

When I tried importing files from my external network drive, Movie Maker did not allow me for some reason. Now many of use don’t store everything on computer, rather we dump it on network drive or share folders across network so we can access it form any where. The error message which I got was

“Files can’t be added directly from a network folder into movie maker. Copy the files to your computer, and then try again”

Network error movie maker
Network error movie maker

However I found this hack to solve this issues

  • Run REGEDIT,
  • Go to HKEY_USERS\<< Random String >>\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Movie Maker
  • Random String you will need to search it for a bit. It varies from user to user.
  • Now add a DWORD value called AllowNetworkFiles and give it a value as 1
  • This should now allows you to import files from network.
Windows Live Movie Maker Hack
Windows Live Movie Maker Hack
Moviemaker network movie files
Movie maker network movie files


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