How to Install DirectX 10 on XP With DirectX10 RC2 Pre Fix 3

Installing Directx 10 on XP had come a long way on discussion and now there is a easy patch availble which allows you to install DirectX 10 RC 2 Pre Fix 3 on Windows Xp machine.

As soon as you run the setup, the required Directx 10 DLL’s will be copied and registered with Windows XP system which was a complete manual process we had seen in our post on Download and Installing Directx 10 for XP using Alky project files.

Here are the snapshots which installs Directx 10 for Windows XP RC2 Fix 3 :

Directx 10 window xp installer
Directx 10 window xp installer

Directx 10 window xp rc2 pre fix 3

If you see the screenshot it clearly says that this is Directx 10 Xp patch for windows xp , Windows 200 and Windows 2003 also.

You can download the files from our Download Center ( Click to download )  and leave your questions and problems in our forums @ DX 10 on XP Thread [ One of the forum member Warewolf Made it working, You can see how ]


  1. I do’nt really understand the read me instructions for Crysis.

    The file on the patch reads;
    Adjustment of Crysis on very advanced options.

    To bring Crysis to work on a very high level you need to do the following:

    1. In the folder BIN find two files, CryRenderD3D9.dll and CryRenderD3D10.dll
    2. Need to change their names between each other to switch the rendering modus from using DX9 (…D3D9.dll) to DX10 (…D3D10.dll).
    3. Create a icon (shortcut) for the file Crysis.exe
    4. In that file look up properties (right button of your mouse), look there where is “Object” at the end add “_DX10”
    5. Or, if point 4 didn’t worked, write instead “_-DX10”
    6. Also possible without space, all depend on your version.

    P.S. please, write without “ “ and this (_) change to a space

    Thanks to all participants of my forum.

    What does point 4 mean my object? no such thing in the properties!?

  2. to get crysis working go to bin32/bin64 in its derictory and rename the CryRenderD3D10.dll to CryRenderD3D9.dll and CryRenderD3D9.dll to CryRenderD3D10.dll

  3. sry,

    i installed the patch and after the instructions but when i start “world in conflict” a directX 10 game i can’t start direct X 10 rendering =(

    what may i forget to do?

  4. i’ve installed the patch, but i still can’t play Resident Evil 5 directX 10 version. can someone tell me what’s wrong? or does it not work on that game? thanks.

  5. Well, all of you know that DirectX 10 supports only Windows 7 and windows vista. Then why you all trying to crash your own PC. Just configure your pc high than play games. IT WILL WORK TRUST ME.

  6. Hi, I’m very keen to get DX 10 installed but haveone VERY stupid Q. I can’t find the “DirectX 10 RC 2 Pre Fix 3” exe file to start the installation. The first step shown says “As soon as you run the setup”
    Where do I find the setup exe file. I have also done the manual process of copying the required files to windows/system32. Then I got lost again. I’m not a noob I’m just stupid.
    So how do I open the DX setup window as pictured here?
    Where is the exe file. Downloaded the “DirectX10 RC2 Pre Fix 3” files and copied the dll’s to system32 as mensioned. I might be confused There is a exe file somewhere but couldn’t see it in the file above mensioned. Please can someone light a cracker up my ….!!!

  7. 1. extract the archive to desktop
    2. copy all .dll files into the system32 folder
    3. install dxsdk_apr2007.exe from microsoft website
    4. play the game


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