How to install Flash on iPhone ?

NetFlix on iPhone 4Yes you read it right!!, Thanks to Grant, Flash ( Popularly know as Frash ) can now be installed on your iPhone4 (using iOS4 and an armv7 device. )and you can see every flash element of the site where Flash is Installed, specially YouTube.

Steps to install :

  • JailBreak your iPhone4 using JailBreakMe App. Its online so you dont have to worry about it. In case you get an Different SIm Detected problem there is a manual and automated process to remove that too.
  • Download the precompiled binary (Frash-0.02.deb | Mirror) and SFTP it to /tmp on your iPhone You need SSH into your phone as root by using dpkg -i /tmp/Frash-0.02.deb
  • Reboot the phone if you want.
  • Go to any site which has flash, click on the Flash Area.

Advacen Installtion instruction is give here


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