How to instantly create a Free Android app for your Blog/Website

The thought of having a dedicated Android app to access your website or blog itself is pretty mesmerizing, isn’t it? An Android app which makes your website or blog available to your readers in just one touch is a great idea, and guess what this can be done damn easily.

For example, you can download the app named as TSNW, which will allow you to access this blog in one touch, or you can use the code below.

Free Android App to access instantly

Now, how can you make one for your website or blog? AppsGeyser is a service that allows you to convert any web content to apps for Android OS, simply go to AppsGeyser, click on the ‘Create Now’ button, select from the available options, i.e. ‘Mobile Website’, ‘Web Widget Code’, or ‘Web Page Content’ and move ahead.

Here is a snapshot, which shows the app creation process for Mobile Website.

instantly create a Free Android app for your Blog or Website

Once done with filling out all the details, click on the ‘Create’ button, now you will be asked to create an account with AppsGeyser, which is a matter of few seconds. Once done with this you will be re-directed to your App page.

how to instantly create a Free Android app for your Blog or Website

Now this page will have all the required links, you can test your app, get the link to distribute it, and also you can monetize it. The link to dashboard will be sent to you in email, so that you can view stats, publish your Android app in the Android Webstore, etc.

So, go ahead and create an Android App for your website, blog, or any web content. AppsGeyser definitely is a great service, worth a try.

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