How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 with iOS 4 and above

JailBreak MeNow that JailBreaking an iPhone is legal, approved by the Library of Congress, specifically allowing jailbreaking there is a new App ready to do so. JailBreakMe 2.0 app  removes the restriction made by Apple and after jailbreaking you have ability to run apps and use themes and tweaks.

The procedure is reversible as you can restore the OS using iTunes on your desktop, However make sure you always have taken back and we do not take any responsibility if you loose your data. Though legal this is not official.

  • First read the FAQ of Jailbreaking.
  • Go to JailBreakMe from your iPhone using the safari browser.
  • You will be greeted by a screen which says Now “Slide to Jailbreak” iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1 or iOS 4
  • Done that, patches will be downloaded to your iPhone which once completed successfully will give you power to install any app you want even if it’s not from iTunes.

Troubleshooting :

  • If you were stuck at the purple screen, reboot and try again
  • If FaceTime and  multimedia messaging services is still missing, you might have to go to Settings>Phone and enable it. Just open Cydia and upgrade when prompted.
  • If you want to close the PDF bug which was left by this app, follow the instructions here which talks about first changing your default password and patch it with with a .db file.

Again do it at your own risk and make backups.


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