How To Join/Unjoin The Windows Insider Program

Microsoft has always kept its operating system updated since it launched Windows 11/10. It is available in the form of security patches released monthly and more substantial Feature updates once a year. Microsoft also offers users the chance to try out its most recent(but in development) operating system through Windows Insider Program. These users are part of an exclusive community with access to the latest updates. This post will share how you can Join/Unjoin Windows Insider Program.

All About Windows 11/10 Insider Program (WIP)

Microsoft officially declares its Insider Program as a community of millions of Windows’s biggest supporters who will be the first to know what’s coming next. It’s a group composed of Microsoft fans, programmers, and IT administrators who wish to have the latest version of Windows that includes the latest new features and updates. In addition, Microsoft invites them to provide feedback on the features that work and what can be improved. Enrolling in this program is completely free, and the number of new builds you receive will depend on the channel.

When you sign up, you will also have exclusive access to Microsoft events, including contests and podcasts and articles and blogs. It’s designed to function as an online community of like-minded individuals; however, how much involvement you have is entirely up to you.

Windows Insider Program Different Modes

The Windows Insider Program is divided into below given three channels:

  • Dev Channel: New updates are expected to arrive before any elsewhere; however, they’re prone to a high number of glitches and bugs. In this regard, we will suggest you not sign up for this channel with your primary device.
  • Beta Channel: It is the version that Microsoft suggests to the majority of people that sign for the service. It provides a more secure update experience and allows you to determine what the final version will look like.
  • Release Preview Channel: Almost final versions of updates are available here, making them better than Dev Channel and Beta Channel. Microsoft is still has a chance to tweak at the last minute based on your response or feedback. It is accessible here before the general release.

While most of the devices having Windows 11/10 are eligible, it’s recommended to upgrade your system to the most current version before joining the Insider Program. It’s free to sign up, and you can opt out of it.

Join Unjoin The Windows Insider Program

How To Join/Unjoin The Windows Insider Program

Windows 11/10 Insider Program isn’t by any means an exclusive membership club. Anyone can join the Windows Insider Program (WIP) and provide feedback to Microsoft that will inform its next move about Windows. In this article below, we will give you the information you need to be aware of when Joining or unjoining. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  1. How To Join Windows Insider Program
  2. Verify You Windows 11 Build
  3. Provide Feedback For Windows 11/10 Insider Program
  4. Unjoin The Windows 11 Insider Program
  5. Opt-Out Before The Development Cycle
  6. Opt-Out After The Development Cycle Begins

You will need admin access to complete these.

1] How Can You Join The Windows 11/10 Insider Program

The procedure to register your device to the Windows Insider Program is simple. Follow the below steps:

Windows Insider Program Get Started

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Update and security.
  • Click to open the Windows Insider program.
  • Click on the Get Started button > Link an account option.
  • Choose Your Microsoft account, and then click on Continue.Windows Insider Program Link An Account
  • What kind of content would you like to receive section is where you can use the drop-down menu and choose any of these given options:
    • Just fixes, apps, and drivers: You can enrol your device into the Release preview ring without receiving preview builds. However, pre-releases will be accessible in this ring once the latest version is deemed complete.
    • Active development of Windows: You should register your device with the program to receive preview builds often, depending on the frequency you wish to receive them.
  • Press the Confirm button.
  • At What pace do you want to receive the preview builds page, go to the drop-down menu and there select among below two options:
    • Slow: Receives preview versions with the most recent updates and features with no chances of encountering bugs or significant issues.
    • Fast: It is recommended to download preview builds with the most recent new features and modifications. But with these updates, however, you are most likely to run into bugs, errors, or features that might not function or work properly, as well as other issues.
  • Press the Confirm button and then press the Confirm button again to agree to the terms.
  • Press the Restart Now button.

After you have completed these steps and registered your device into the Windows Insider Program (WIP), it will begin receiving preview builds when they are available, based on the interval you have chosen.

After joining the program, new versions will be downloaded and installed on their own; however, you can navigate to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update and click the Check for Updates button to trigger the download. Remember that it can be up to 24 hours until you can begin downloading the builds.

2] Verify Your Windows 11 Build

Once you have updated your device to allow for Windows 11/10 Insider builds, you can cross-check the build you are using currently. It can be done in the below given two ways:

View Your Windows 11/10 Build Via Run

Verify Your Windows Build Using Run

  • Click on the Windows + R key to open Run.
  • Type winver and click OK inside the Run dialogue box.
  • You can see your Windows build number and the current version in the About Windows box.

View Your Windows 11/10 Build Via The Settings Menu

Verify Your WIndows Build Using Settings

  1. Open Start, then Settings.
  2. In the Settings, select About.
  3. Go to the Windows specifications section. The operating system’s edition, the version, installation date, and the build number will be listed there.

3] How To Provide Feedback For Windows 11/10 Insider Program

Feedback Hub Windows Insider

Insider builds are tests. If you are a Windows Insider, you may wish to send feedback to Microsoft regarding new features or potential bugs. You can do it through Feedback Hub.

4] How To Unjoin The Windows 11/10 Insider Program

Below are the steps to unjoin the Windows insider program, here we have considered various scenarios, so make sure you check them all.

How To Opt-Out Prior To The Next Development Cycle Starts

If you are thinking of opting out of the Windows Insider Program, this is the best moment to plunge. If you want to opt-out, it is as simple as changing one setting:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go into Update & Security and select Windows Insider Program on the right pane.
  • There should be a screen like an image below. Select the toggle that says Stop receiving Preview builds to switch it off.
  • Restart your device to activate the modifications.

5] How To Opt-Out Once The Development Cycle Has Started

In this scenario, the initial build will likely already be installed onto your device. There is a simple method to restore to the earlier version if it’s been under ten days from when you downloaded it.

  • Go to Settings, Update and Security and select Recovery on the right pane.
  • An additional heading says Go back to the earlier version and press Get Started.
  • Follow the directions within the window that pops up. If asked, select the reason to go back to the older version.
  • Select Go back to earlier build at the end of the screen.

After you have completed the process following the steps, you won’t be able to try out new features; however, your device will return to the latest stable version. You can also wipe your computer’s hard drive and start afresh with a clean install with the latest version of Windows 11/10.

Should I Install Windows Insider Builds on Working PCs?

Do not use Insider builds on the primary production machine unless you know correctly what you’re doing and what to expect. Insider builds don’t have the same stability as the official versions of Windows, which are released to the general public. To protect yourself, you should install new builds on a different PC or use the form of a virtual machine (VM).

Is Windows 11 Free For Everyone?

Windows 11 is not typically free for everyone. Still, anyone who has previously been a customer of Microsoft for Windows 10 or 8 can get Windows 11 on their computers provided that their PC meets all the requirements of Windows 11.

How Do I Check The PC Health Before Installing Windows 11?

You can do a Windows PC health check from Microsoft’s PC health check tool. The tool can be downloaded from the official Windows 11 download page on the Microsoft website. This tool allows you to check your PC on various specs and other parameters.

These steps should assist you in determining if you are not sure what to do to join or unjoin the Windows Insider program (WIP) on Windows. The Windows Insider program lets IT administrators and developers try Windows on specific platforms. It is also an option for those who wish to explore the most recent features. Utilize the Feedback Hub to let Microsoft know that something is not working if you are running an Insider version.

If you are already a Windows Insider, quickly, you can switch to Insider channels. If you are running the stable version or having issues, there are many ways to resolve Windows 11/10 issues after an update is launched.


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