How to keep your Old PC running smooth Part 2 [ PC Tips ]

In my last post I discussed the Software Activities to maintain your PC, Now I am going, to discuss some hardware activities, which should be performed manually by the user to keep your PC healthy.

Cleaning the RAM

Importance of RAM in a PC, does not need any explanations, so, in order to keep your RAM working properly, you can clean it with eraser. What you need to do is just rub the eraser on the golden color connectors on your RAM. It helps a lot, and also saves you from the problems, like sometimes your PC might not boot, after hitting the power button

Keep the Keyboard Free from Dandruff

Keyboard Dandruff, is not the dandruff in real sense, its just the traces of dust, cigarette ash (if you smoke while working on your computer). To remove dandruff from keyboard you need to hold your keyboard upside-down and tap it, to get rid of the dust traces.

Now shown here is the outcome of this process.

Cotton wool dipped in alcohol, can be used to clean the keys, other surface are but don’t overdose your keyboard, it may start malfunctioning, LOL.

Taking Care of the Mouse

Mouse too is often a prey to dust, especially for the roller mouse, it’s a big headache, you can use the toothbrush, to clean the mouse, mouse pad. In case of roller mouse, open it, and clean the roller with water and soap if required.

Give some Treatment to Cabinet

Like other parts CPU Cabinet too needs some treatment, apart from normal dusting, you need to clean the curves with toothbrush, as shown below.

Fan, at the back portion of your CPU Cabinet can also be cleaned with toothbrush, and same can be done with the small pores like openings which work as heat-sink of your CPU.

Inner part of your Cabinet also, has lots of dirt and dust, which might hamper or at times destroy some circuits, for that you can use some vacuum cleaner, even a hair dryer may work, but be careful with the temperature settings of the dryer.

I wanted to put the image for cleaning Cabinet with vacuum cleaner, but I don’t have a vacuum cleaner, so, I could not.

Overview and Your comments

I have felt that these tips really don’t affect the performance of your PC directly, but following these tips, saves you from visiting your computer vendor very often, so try them, and let me know your views, hope you find these useful.

We all don’t want that one fine morning You wake up hit the power button..the PC doesn’t it shows

Any additions to this list are more than welcome and in case you missed the article on Software Activities to maintain your PC, do read it!!

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  1. Hey! Good guide here! Not long ago i thought my computer was slow due to spyware. I think now it was the dust bunny colony in my pc case. I never thought to use a toothbrush. A small paintbrush works too 😀

  2. the hell kind of tips are these?
    i can tell you that it couldn’t possibly do anything positive
    and could even damage it

  3. @ D, it works perfectly fine, I have used all the tips personally at several occasions, moreover here are some links try going through them when you have time, and if still you want some more proofs, try googling “Cleaning the RAM with Eraser”

    Here in India, compressed air cans are not available as in US and other western countries, even the technicians at the Computer shops use the same method.


  4. There’s no reason you should have to clean the ram. Unless you’re mistreating your computer, the inside should not have anything to generate static or cause corrosion to the contacts of your ram. Problem could be prevented by just keeping water, plastics, or anything you know shouldnt be in a computer away from it. It’s simple. I’ve had computers run for years without proper cleaning with no problems at all. Just treat them right.

  5. great minds think alike Dave, i have 4 top running Pc’s in my house, never ever have i cleaned my RAM with an eraser?? thats nonsense.

  6. D, David:

    Ram connectors oxidize over time, especially in very old machines.

    Dust can accumulate and cause static build-up or shorts.

    I hope neither of you took courses in electrical theory.

  7. Please take this post down. We all had a good laugh, but people might actually take this ‘information’ as fact. The only truth I can see in the article is tapping the keyboard and keeping your computer clean in general. Everything else confused and horrified me. Take it down. Seriously.

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