How to Kill / Close Metro Apps using Windows 8 Task Manager

Starting with Windows 8 and the brand new Metro Apps concept whenever you switch between apps, they get into a new mode called as Suspended Mode , which makes sure the apps are not consuming CPU and Memory i.e. not getting your Windows 8 Experience Slow.

Because of this new state, exiting or closing apps becomes difficult unless you have used the inbuilt exit make that calls the right rules for a clean exit. So if, you try to close the apps by just pressing Alt + F4, it might not work as intended. So the obvious question is how do you exit or kill an app if an exist is not available.

Suspended Apps in Windows 8 task Manager

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Now before you go you go and kill the apps; you should know that Suspended mode is not a bad thing, it is designed to help you save from restarting or relaunching the apps all the time but if for some reason, the app is misbehaving and you have no other choice follow the method below :

  • Launch the Task Manager by following short cut key Ctrl + Shift + Esc (This is an old shortcut, nothing new )
  • You should see a list of apps which are in suspended mode. In case you see that some apps are not, then it means that they are not metro apps.
  • Now you can just select the app and click on EndTask which is available right there.
  • In case, this doesn’t work, and you see the metro app still running then click on More Details of Task Manager and you should see the gigantic details about the app.
  • Now right-click on the app and select End task. It’s the same old method just because Task Manager first view is simple this detailed menu is not available there.

Again to remind, make sure you only kill the apps when you see them not responding well else suspended mode they will not consume any CPU time.

End Windows App in Windows 8 Task Manager

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