How to Know If Somebody Is Logged In Your Facebook Account?

Have you recently noticed any unusual activity on your Facebook account? It can be a change in your news feed or a picture posted without your consent. This usually happens when someone else has access to your Facebook account, or it is compromised. This article will tell you how to check if somebody is logged in to your Facebook account. We will also discuss some authentic methods to help secure your Facebook account again. So, you can move to further sections to discover them.

What Is at Risk if Your Facebook Account Is Hacked?

There are some general behaviors that you can notice on a compromised Facebook account. Below are some consequences that can appear when someone else logs into your Facebook account.

  • Seeing some pictures or posts on your account that you did not instigate
  • You would see specific chats that you never sent
  • Too many Friend requests from unknown people or finding unknown people added as friends.
  • Changes in your Facebook profile information, birth details, or similar
  • A changed password or contact email also points toward a compromised Facebook account.

If you notice any of the above consequences on your Facebook account, you can confirm your suspicion in other ways.

Somebody Is Logged In Your Facebook Account

How to Know If Somebody Is Logged In Your Facebook Account?

It is disappointing to know that someone has unauthorized access to your Facebook account. But if this is the case, you need to react quickly to secure your account. Below are the two methods that can quickly help you know if somebody is logged into your Facebook account.

1] Check Facebook Device Login on your Smartphone

To monitor the login history on the Facebook app using your Smartphone, you need to do the following:

  • Open Facebook on your smartphone and click on the three-lined icon to open the Menu (You will find it in the lower-right corner on iPhone and the top-right corner on Android)
  • Choose the Settings option under Settings & Privacy
  • Choose Security and Login under SecuritySecurity and Login Check Facebook Device Login on Smartphone
  • Check your Active now status in blue letters under the section Where you’re logged in. Make sure it is your device.
  • Tap See all to see all recent active sessions. Each session’s time, device model/type, and location may also be seen.Check Facebook Device Login on Smartphone

Now, if you find any unrecognized or inappropriate login, you can move to the next section to learn how to remove it.

2] Check Facebook Device Login On PC

If you wish to check your Facebook device login on your PC, then you can do it in the following way:

  • Open Facebook on your PC and click on the hamburger icon at the top right
  • Go to Settings under Settings and PrivacySetting and Privacy Check Facebook Login PC
  • Click on the Security and Login option on the left panelOpen Setting Login Check Facebook Device PC
  • You will find all your current login sessions under the Where You’re Logged In sectionActive Facebook Session PC

To view the complete list, you can click on the See more link to see the complete list of sessions.

How to Remove Unauthorized Facebook Login?

Now that you have checked all of your active Facebook logins, you may require to remove unauthorized Facebook Logins, if any. To do so, you can take help from the sections below, depending on your device.

1] Remove Unauthorized Facebook Login on Mobile 

You can access the complete list of your active Facebook logins from above. Now, you can log out of your account from any suspicious device using mobile in the following way.

  • Choose the device you want to remove from the list and tap the ellipsis icon.
  • Tap Log Out for the selected device.

Log out Remove Unauthorized Facebook Login on Mobile

Alternatively, you can log out of your Facebook account from all devices at once in the following manner.

  • Launch the Facebook app and tap Menu, and then select Settings
  • Choose Security and Login and tap See all
  • Click on the Log Out of All Sessions button.

Remove Unauthorized Facebook Login on Mobile

This will instantly log you out of all the other devices except the one you currently use.

2] Remove Unauthorized Facebook Login on PC

You can also use a PC or Mac to end your active Facebook sessions simultaneously. For this, you can follow the steps provided below:

  • Open the entire Facebook log-in sessions list using the steps provided earlier for PC or Mac
  • Now, from the lower right corner, choose Log Out Of All Sessions
  • Press the Log Out button again to confirm your decision

Now you have logged yourself out of all suspicious or unknown devices. After this, you must secure your Facebook account to prevent such logins.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account?

You can enhance the security of your Facebook account by creating a new yet strong password for it or by enabling two-factor authentication for it.

1] Change the Password

To change your password on the Facebook mobile app, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap the three-lined icon in the upper-right corner
  • Choose Settings after scrolling a bit and then select Security and Login
  • Select the Change password option
  • Provide your previous and new passwords
  • Retype the new password to confirm it and tap Save changes

Make sure to choose a strong and unique password for your account. Plus, it should be hard to guess and must not include your email address, name, or anything else.

2] Setup Two Factor Authentication 

Two-factor authentication makes it compulsory to confirm each login attempt from an unrecognized device. Setting it up also provides important login alerts whenever someone tries to access your account.

To set it up on an updated mobile browser, follow the steps that follow:

  • From the top right corner of Facebook, tap the three-lined icon
  • Go to Settings after scrolling down a bit, and then select Security and Login
  • Choose the Use two-factor authentication option
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the security method you wish to add.

If at the top of your settings, you can see a checkbox next to Two-factor authentication, then you are done.


Facebook tracks your logging-in records and lets you see where you are logged in. On top of everything, it enables you to end all unwanted sessions on various devices to feel safe and secure on this application. Above, we have provided all the vital information regarding Facebook account security so that you can easily avoid any unpleasant situation on your account.


  1. you said “However before you click on end session, make sure it’s not that activity taking place from your mobile devices or some other application.”

    and my question is : how if i clicked ‘end activity’ which is taking place from my mobile devices? is it mean i can’t login from my mobile devices anymore?

  2. I surely DO appreciate this timely and helpful information. Did I miss something somewhere though? I saw where you referred to unknown persons utilizing your FB,MySpace,etc. but you,unless I missed it,did not tell us how to know when someone maybe using your account for their nefarious purposes? It has been my past experience with FB that when I am in a app.such as Petville there have been occassions when I have been notified that the being accessed from a different computer than what I am on! Is that the ONLY way to ascertain that someone is in the process of hacking into my account?

    Also, you illustrated the area regarding “Login Notifications” you indicate in the illustration that the “OFF” box has been checked off. Are you saying that this option SHOULD be turned “OFF”?

    Thank you so very much. As an ancient programmer/data analyst/instructor trained by the U.S.Military back when ‘puters were housed in specially constructed buildings that were so air cooled you’d freeze in the middle of the hottest,steamiest day in Washington,D.C.! It truly is a wonderful gift that GOD gave us that we may continue to grow and progress towards hopefully,perfection,or as close as we can get to it,humanity considered,lol.

    Thank you,again,for the invaluable work,research,and teachings that you offer!


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