How to load test your Windows Machine for Peformance

When you take a windows machine to perform some heavy work it is important to find out how much load the machine can take specially when you take a server machine which is expected to work with high performance on heavy conditions.

Heavy Load is stress testing software for Windows Machine for both home and windows server which simulates heavy load on the computer by increasing the amount of CPU, RAM and Read Write load on temporary folders. This mostly happens to the system by any resource hogging software.

Though the best bet for you is to find out the hardware need for any software to know  if the software will run smoothly on the computer you plan to buy but this will definitely let you know how much your system was responding when so much of work was going on. For example if this works out nicely you will that your computer will not shutdown in extreme conditions. The CPU fans speed at  extreme conditions so you know that works out well too. There is no hard disk failures and you get to see the results for each partitions.

Download Heavy Load


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