How to make a Killer Blog

Common mistakes done by most of the bloggers is “Start Blogging before knowing how to do it and then say i don’t get any readers”. I read about some of the articles on how to blog and what are things you should take care of.I really want to share it with my readers and fellow bloggers.Helping each other is the key.

I want a KILLER Blog!

  1. Have Interest in Blogging.

  2. Create a difference in Writing

  3. Read other blogs and Link to them

  4. Dont apologies but yeah be tolerant is somebody point to your mistakes.

  5. Your Post slug makes a lot of difference.Make it an eye catcher

  6. Be a speaker, don’t just bake stories, converse while you write

  7. Don’t be a Frog in a well, just smiling at your blog.Move out look around.

  8. Tell others about your blog by advertising or words

  9. Write Properly, avoid spelling mistakes.

  10. Give other a chance to talk and when they do, talk back.

  11. Maintain respect, do’nt just admit for what you have not done.

  12. Comment on Commentators blog, make a group.

  13. Invite other bloggers to blog on your site.Do guest blogging.

I hope you enjoyed it and any comments are open.Do let me know what you feel so i can improve and write better for my readers and bloggers.