How to mark all unread emails in Gmail as read

So when I signed up for MWC, I had like tons of emails rolling in every few minutes. I was mostly reading only interesting ones which resulted in lot of unread mails.

Then the question came in, How to mark all of these mails as read so the inbox count can drop to flat zero. Gmail does not have any direct option that can do this automatically.

Select All email as unread

So I went for traditional steps which helped me do this quickly. Its simple and many of you must be already using it.

  • Type in “is:unread” in the Gmail Search Box.
  • This will list down all the emails which you never opened. Even those which date year back.
  • Now use the checkbox which is along with the menu items i.e. Refresh Button & More.
  • Once you do that, Gmail will prompt you “All XX conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations that match this search”
  • Click on that. This will select all the unread messages which extend beyond that screen.
  • Next hit the Mark as Read button.
  • This will hit the count to zero right there.

 Now what if you want to make this step as automated.

  •  Go to Gmail Settings.
  • Switch to Filter Tab > Create New Filter.
  • Here type down your email id in the TO section.
  • Next Screen select “Mark as Read”.
  • Also select apply filter to XXX matching conversation.

Filter Trick to update all unread message

This will instantly apply the filter to existing unread email sent to you. Done this, go to Filters again. First Export it and then delete it.  This makes sure that you can use the same conditions next time without typing anything. This trick was discussed on XDA forum.

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