How to make iTunes adopt to your iPad / iPhone Apps Layout

One of the biggest problem with syncing apps with iTunes is that it doesn’t accept your layout of your iPad or iPhone by default.  When you click on Sync Apps it warns that it will remove all the apps from your iPad and sync what is there in iTunes.  This is completely opposite, as  most of the time you download apps directly to your device without using iTunes.

Though I never sync apps with iTunes and use Transfer Purchase option to move new apps to my iTunes library but if you want iTunes to adopt to your device layout and not remove all your folders etc, here is small trick that was posted in the Apple Forum.

Below is the video demo and then instructions.

  • Connect your device to iTunes.
  • Go to Apps, Uncheck Sync Apps, if it is already checked.
  • Then Check it again and it will warn you with the same warning.
  • Now be attentive and be fast for the next step
  • Click on the Apply Button and this will initiate sync.
  • As soon as you see the progress button at the center of iTunes, you sill see a cross button which cancels the operation.
  • Keep clicking on it unless the sync gets canceled.

Suprised!! Yes Now iTunes will show the exact layout which is on your iPhone / iPad until next time you connect again.

Sync Apps from iPad to iTunes

iPad Apps Layout


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