How to make shared content available offline in Windows

Many a time when a folder is shared is not available unless the computer is turned on. This is understandable but not desired as you might be away for a day and too and have to be called for password. 

However in Windows Vista , Shared folders can be made available offline with a specially feature called as Caching. When sharing your folders you  can choose whether and how the contents of the share will be available to users who are offline.


  • Only the files and programs that users specify will be available offline.
  • All files and programs that users open from the share will be automatically  available offline.
  • Files or programs from the share will not be available offline.
Cached and Sahred Folders in Windows Vista

Cached and Sahred Folders in Windows Vista

So if you friends are complaining about not able to access files when you are offline tell them now you have configured it well.  Actually this feature had been there since Windows 2003 and is available in Windows Xp as Offline files if I am not wrong.

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