How to make Windows Installer search removable media first ?

Windows Installer when initiated for any kind of installation starts looking around the network to find the files. Now if you aren’t on a network at all its a waste of time. taking the reverse case if computers at office do not have any removable media allowed, looking on a network first is always a better option when deployment is centralized.

This nature of Windows Installer can be changed and set to choose between three options :

  • Network
  • Media
  • and URL

of which Network is set to default. Also if you don’t want any of the sources to be searched at all,  a computer can opt out of it.

To change the settings :

  • Start the Group Policy Editor or type gpedit.msc in run prompt.
  • Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer.
  • Click on Setting which says Search Order and Enable it.
  • Enabling open up a text box where you can provide the order of search and if you don’t provide any of one it will not be used.

Windows Installer Search Order

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