How to Mass Delete All Facebook Messages

Facebook Messenger inboxes can get highly cluttered, especially when you recently posted an ad on the Facebook marketplace or have too many active groups. We all wish for a way to clear our overcluttered inboxes in just one click but are seldom able to achieve that. This article will teach us how to mass delete all Facebook messages.

Mass Delete All Facebook Messages

How to Mass Delete All Facebook Messages

In this section, we will look at two Facebook messenger mass delete extensions that allow you to delete all Facebook messages simultaneously. Some of them will also enable you to delete all your Facebook posts and perform many other actions. Here’s all that’s covered:

  1. Delete Facebook Posts, Photos, etc by Social Erase
  2. Delete Facebook Messages

Let’s dive in!

1] Delete Facebook ™  Posts, Photos, etc. by Social Erase

Social erase Delete Facebook Posts Photos etc Chrome Extension

The Delete Facebook Posts, Photos, etc., by SocialErase, is a one-stop solution for decluttering your entire Facebook feed, activity log, and messages. The extension is safe to use and comes with a free trial. With the full version, you can unlock higher speed and delete more messages simultaneously.

The 1-year license of this extension costs $9.99. In our usage, we’ve found that the free version is as good but relatively slow and has limitations on how much activity and messages it can delete. The extension also works on X (formerly Twitter)


  • Delete all Facebook posts, photos, comments, and messages.
  • Set deletion speed and frequency.
  • Delete the Facebook activity log.
  • Delete Twitter activity.


  • The free version works well enough.
  • Easy to use with a feature to change deletion speed.


  • It does not have the functionality to delete specific messages

Download Delete Facebook ™  Posts, Photos, etc.

2] Delete Facebook Messages

Delete Facebook Messages Chrome Extension

Delete Facebook Messages is another mass delete Facebook message extension that works the same way as others. Using this extension, you can delete all Facebook messages, archive them, and unarchive them.

However, the all messenger messages deleted tool does not have the functionality to moderate speed. Also, the extension is only free for a single use. After that, a subscription, starting at $9 a month, needs to be purchased. The extension only works with Facebook Messenger.


  • Delete, archive, and unarchive all Facebook messages.
  • Fast and uniform deletion.
  • Stop Deletion, archive, and unarchive mid-way.


  • The extension has a progress bar showing how many messages are detected and how many are deleted.
  • Additional archive and unarchive functionality.


  • The subscription is expensive when compared to others.

Download Delete Facebook Messages

We hope that you found the article to be helpful and were able to delete all Facebook messages.

Is It Safe To Use Web Extensions On Social Media Sites?

Yes, using web extensions on social media sites is generally safe. The key to preserving your privacy is identifying the possible red flags in those extensions by looking at comments and active users. If the extension has comments from real users and many active users, it is, in most cases, safe to use. Additionally, you can also look for the featured tag with the extension.


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