How to merge wireless network locations in Windows 7 and Vista

It is usual that every time you connect to a wireless network location the signature is left in windows which makes it easier to connect it next time.  But sometimes when you connect manually to the same wireless network again it creates another signature. This results in the creation of multiple network profiles.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 allow you to manage networks and merge them into one if you face a similar situation. To find how to do this :

  • Open Control panel > Network and sharing center
  • Now select one of the networks and look for customized links. ( It should be on the right-hand side )
  • Once you click on Customize, you will get another window which allows you to make the network as Private and public. Right under that look for Merge or delete network locations.
  • Now select the source and destination. The destination should be the network you are currently connected to.
  • Select and Merge.

Customize and Merge Network locations

Merge other network locations with Source


  1. Can anybody help me? I accidentally merged 2 networks together that were actually separate networks. Now when I connect to network2 it shows up as network1, and when I connect to network1 it shows up as network1. It is as if windows thinks that the two separate physical devices are actually the same device. Is there a way to undo this?

  2. I recently installed a Linksys E3000, which broadcasts on both 2.4G and 5G. In Vista, I am seeing two connections: “ssid” and “ssid 2”, where “ssid” is the router identifier. I assume I should NOT merge these, correct?


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